Summer programs in Spain: 18 best courses for students

Summer programs in Spain: 18 best courses for students

The best universities and business schools in Spain open their doors in the summer, providing a unique opportunity for international students to enjoy a summer holiday that is beneficial for their future studies and career. There are usually two types of summer university courses offered by Spanish universities:

  • Spanish courses at a Spanish summer school;

  • courses in the different subject areas.

Summer schools in Spain are a great opportunity to immerse yourself in university life at a Spanish university, to experience the unique atmosphere of the campus, to get a taste of a classical university education, to attend lectures by the best professors, to get to know better the Spanish culture and traditions, to develop your language skills and to meet students from all over the world. Another undeniable advantage of summer schools in Spain is the opportunity to combine study with relaxation on the Mediterranean coast, excursions and travels.

18 best courses for students

1. Autonomous University of Barcelona - UAB,

The Autonomous University of Barcelona offers Spanish courses of different duration:

  • 2 weeks

  • 4 weeks

  • 6 weeks

  • 8 week

The tuition fee for this summer school in Spain starts from €215 per week. Students have access to the university libraries and upon completion of their language course, they receive a certificate stating the level of Spanish achieved. 

2.Pompeu Fabra University - UPF,

A two-week Spanish course. Classes are held from Monday to Friday and students may combine the Spanish course with other courses such as the Business Spanish course. The cost of tuition at this Spanish summer school depends on the academic load and the number of courses chosen. The cost of one course is from 275€*/30 academic hours.

3.University of the Balearic Islands - UIB,

This international summer university offers international students unique courses in Spanish language and culture (students can choose additional subjects such as Spanish literature, art and archaeology). The university offers two types of courses, which vary in duration and academic load.

4. Spanish summer immersion in Spain

Their  Spanish immersion summer programme in Spain offers a unique opportunity to significantly improve your Spanish while living in the beautiful beach town of A Coruña. You will be fully immersed in the Spanish language and living culture and interacting with Spanish speakers every day. You have the option to study Spanish for academic credit, complete an internship at a Spanish organization in your field of study, or both during a 5 or 10 week stay! They  recommend this programme for students who want to improve their Spanish quickly, while experiencing authentic Spain. This programme is open to beginners through advanced Spanish speakers. 

5.  Linguistic Horizons

You will be immersed in the Spanish language and culture, as you will both live and work with Spanish speakers on a daily basis. They  place participants in an internship that is relevant to their major and in line with their learning objectives. All interns receive academic credit from the Universidad Da Coruña for their internship and can choose between a Spanish course (intermediate or higher) or Business Spanish to take in addition to their internship during a 5 or 10 week stay during the summer. La Coruña is a stunning coastal city in the lush region of Galicia, offering beautiful beaches, delicious tapas bars, fresh seafood and great nightlife. Total of 12 semester or 18 quarter units Spanish courses during the first 5 week session for 9 units/6 semester quarters. 

6. IBEI Barcelona Summer School

The summer school covers many disciplines, the main ones being economics, political science, international relations and research. The target audience of the summer school is postgraduate students, educators and researchers. IBEI offers a large number of degree programmes in key areas of economics, international relations and more. English is the main language at this school and courses are taught by internationally renowned experts.

7. Summer courses at the Escuela Superior de Estudios Economícas in Barcelona

The Escuela Superior de Economía, located in Barcelona, offers many educational courses that you can take during the summer holidays. This will be useful for those who wish to improve their skills and for those who are eager to learn new things.

  • Barcelona Banking Summer School;

  • Barcelona Finance Summer School;

  • Barcelona Competition Economics Summer School;

  • Barcelona Macroeconomics Summer School - joint programme with CREI (Centre for International Economic Research);

  • Data Science Summer School;

  • Barcelona Labour Economics Summer School;

  • Barcelona Macroeconometrics Summer School;

  • Barcelona Microeconometrics Summer School;

  • Barcelona Political Economy Summer School.

8. IESE Business School Summer School

IESE business schools in Barcelona are world-renowned and the summer schools that they run are just as popular. IESE runs an intensive one-week educational programme. However, in that short time, students can gain an understanding of global business as a science and complete a programme in the following areas: marketing, company and human resources management, accounting, entrepreneurship and more. The emphasis is on teaching students to become part of a team, which is important for running a business in any field. In addition to a rich educational programme, the school offers a variety of exciting leisure activities.

9. ESADE summer school in Barcelona

This school is aimed at high school students aged sixteen to eighteen and students. The main language used in the education process is English, and the curricula relate to economics and law. The programme lasts from two to eight weeks and includes not only classroom tuition, but also excursions to leading companies operating in Barcelona. In addition to taking part in the educational process, students also take time out to enjoy cultural and sightseeing activities.

10. IAAC Catalonia Institute of Contemporary Architecture summer school

The school is part of a worldwide educational platform that includes many educational institutions and individual leading professionals. The location of the schools was not chosen by chance. They are all located in cities around the world that are key to the fields of architecture and design. Naturally, the beautiful city of Barcelona is also on the list. The summer school at the Institute of Architecture of Catalonia runs a two-week educational course. During this time, students will learn about global innovations in the design and planning of the cities of the future.

11. USAC Spain: San Sebastian - Spanish and Psychology

The San Sebastian program opens an academic window to the Spanish and Basque people, introduces you to the rich diversity of Spain and offers a truly multicultural experience. San Sebastian has the highest level of bilingualism of any city in the region, with all residents speaking Spanish and one-third speaking Basque.

This program is ideal for students interested in Spanish or Basque. Their  intensive language approach will allow you to complete up to two years of university language courses in just one semester. Language courses can be complemented with electives in related fields such as history, literature, culture and art. Many of these electives are attended by local Spanish students, providing you with a unique opportunity for cultural integration.

12.New York University Madrid

NYU Madrid is located in the pleasant area of El Viso, just a few subway stops from the historic city center. At the academic center, you will attend classes, cultural workshops and use the computer lab. The center also has a secure wireless network and a courtyard where you can relax and spend time with friends. The reading room contains a reserved collection of books and reference books. NYU staff provides orientation and language identification, and planned trips to Cordoba, Granada, Segovia, Toledo and Portugal during the semester will help you get to know the Spanish people and the surrounding region.

NYU Madrid offers courses during the fall and spring semesters, as well as an accelerated summer session. In addition to the intensive Spanish course, students take courses in the humanities and sciences that focus on the Spanish-speaking world. Those who are just beginning to learn Spanish take beginning language courses along with subjects taught in English. Students with some knowledge take intermediate language courses taught in Spanish. Students who are proficient in Spanish take all Spanish courses at the NYU Center or, in the spring semester only, up to two courses at the prestigious Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Courses are complemented by instructor-led excursions to sites such as the Mezquita Central de la Mezquita de Madrid, the Madrid Stock Exchange, the Royal Palace and the Sorolla Museum.

13.Arcos Learning Abroad in Granada, Spain

Study abroad in the historic city of Granada, Spain. Home to flamenco music and the world-famous Alhambra Palace, Granada is the perfect place to study abroad. Surrounded by the snow-capped Sierra Nevada mountains and just an hour's drive from Spain's tropical Mediterranean coast, you can experience a unique experience.

Courses are taught at the University of Granada or at the iNMSOL Language Institute and are offered for all levels of Spanish language proficiency. You can also take electives in English and Spanish, as well as choose an internship and study other modern languages. The Arcos Learning Abroad program offers a comprehensive study abroad program: cultural activities Monday through Friday, weekend excursions, on-site directors, highly vetted accommodations, tuition fees and more.

14.Customized internships and Spanish immersion at the beach.

Internship in your major for 5 or 10 weeks in a beach town in Northern Spain! This program is ideal for students with a spoken or advanced level of Spanish - earn up to 12 semester credits, improve your Spanish and get an international internship experience!

They  arrange individual internship placements for each student. You will live with Spanish-speaking students, take classes in Spanish and practice in Spanish. As a result,  students significantly improve their language skills.

Away from the crowds of American students that flock to more popular Spanish cities like Barcelona or Madrid, you can immerse yourself in Spanish with us in A Coruña. This port city is known for its delicious food, fun nightlife, and beautiful beaches. Plus, the cost of living is significantly lower than in other Spanish cities, so you'll live better on a student budget!

15. ISA Study Abroad in Seville, Spain

Take advantage of the opportunity to study at one of Spain's universities while immersing yourself in a rich cultural heritage! Depending on the program you choose, you will study at one of these universities: Pablo de Olavide University, Menéndez Pelayo International University or University of Seville. No matter where you study, you can be assured of state-of-the-art equipment and highly qualified faculty. Plus, you'll find program options to suit your level of Spanish.

While in Seville, take the time to visit  office. ISA is located in a renovated Andalusian building. They  have facilities and equipment that you can use. Their  friendly staff is ready to answer your questions or meet your needs. Visit us during regular business hours to chat with other ISA members or view  newsletter about upcoming events.

16.Intern in Barcelona (Spain)

Discover your future career in the heart of one of Western Europe's cultural and commercial centers. With your internship in Barcelona, you'll gain relevant, career-oriented skills while living in a lively, vibrant city that rarely sleeps. They 'll select an internship for you that matches your goals and interests, and you'll gain real-world work experience in your chosen field. Spending four to twelve weeks in Barcelona is not all: proximity to the coast with white sandy beaches, quirky architecture that strikes the imagination, and hospitable locals who will gladly practice Spanish with you.

The internship program is open to all levels of Spanish proficiency. However, intermediate and advanced levels will have more opportunities to practice than beginners.

17. Barcelona SAE: Barcelona Academic Learning Center (SIS) Summer Program

The SAE Barcelona Academic Learning Center (SIS) summer program gives you the opportunity to take courses in English and/or Spanish that can count towards your major, minor or general education requirements. The SIS summer program includes even more than a regular summer: each semester includes an overnight excursion in Spain, day trips, professional development tools and many courses to choose from for a wide range of majors.

You will enjoy the perfect combination of first-class academic knowledge and hands-on learning, including interesting courses, guest speakers, local excursions and a variety of cultural activities and excursions. Most electives are taught in English, but students are strongly encouraged to enroll in intensive Spanish courses to get the most out of Barcelona.

18.Study Abroad for the Future: IFSA in Barcelona, Spain

Spain is a vibrant and challenging country with many landscapes, including picturesque mountains, Mediterranean beaches, rural villages and bustling cosmopolitan cities. Its major cities, including Madrid and Barcelona, are a mix of modern and ancient.

Barcelona boasts an incredible medieval quarter, yet has been ranked as one of the best cities in Europe for doing business. The city's thriving culinary, music and entertainment scene, as well as its artistic atmosphere, make it one of the most popular destinations to study abroad.

In Spain, you can take classes in English or Spanish, but you do not need to learn Spanish first. You will take Spanish classes available at various levels and learn more about the Catalan language spoken in Barcelona.

You will have direct access to international business through internships in various fields with local Spanish companies. You will gain valuable experience that will help you achieve your future goals.

Explore the historical and cultural sights of Barcelona and experience the Spanish culture and urban community with the Discover Barcelona course.

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