Study in Spain, fees for international students

Study in Spain, fees for international students

Tuition fees, the cost of living and admission requirements are the main things that people are looking for when they want to study in Spain.

For those students who want to get a quality education in Europe, Spain is a good place to study. The cost of studying is not so high, and with the help of the government, Spain has turned from a country with little education into a leader in education, which makes it an attractive place for international students.

Tuition, cost of living and admission requirements

The cost of studying at a university in Spain

Tuition fees at public universities are one of the lowest in Europe, and the Spanish state authorities set it for each region.

The tuition fee   is calculated in accordance with the form of payment for the loan. Therefore, the amount may change if you go out and register for the second or third time for the same education  program.

Usually, to calculate the annual enrollment, you will need to multiply the number of credits by 60, the number of credits (ECTS) that each student must receive to obtain a degree according to the university system. 

The cost of studying at state universities

Bachelor's degree: from 750 to 2100 euros / year

Master's and doctorate degrees: from 900 to 3300 euros per year.

The cost of studying at private universities

Private universities have a higher enrollment rate, but usually do not exceed 18,000 euros per year for all degree programs. However, sometimes business schools may charge tuition fees in excess of 20,000 euros per year.

The cost of studying at the best universities

Here is a list of the average tuition fees at the best Spanish universities:

  • Autonomous University of Madrid-the average tuition fee   is from 2000 to 3000 euros per year.

  • The University of Barcelona was founded - the average tuition fee   is 2900 EUR / year.

  • Pompeu Fabra University-tuition from 3000 to 4000 euros per year.

  • Autonomous University of Barcelona-the average tuition fee   is 3,500 euros per year.

The cost of living in Spain for international students

In general, Spain is an affordable country where international students should not experience financial pressure.

Living in Spain will be more expensive if you choose Madrid or Barcelona, which claim to be the most expensive cities in Spain, where you need about 1000 per month for all your monthly expenses. But you can also make do with a limited budget of 800 euros per month.

On the other hand, in cities such as Valencia, Seville or Cadiz, you can save on the cost of living on average from 600 to 900 euros per month.

The cost of accommodation for students

The main options for students ' accommodation in Spain:

Student hostel: prices from 360 to 650 euros / month.

Rent an apartment: the rental price is from 450 to 700 euros / month. Renting an apartment in Madrid and Barcelona costs from 900 to 1200 euros per month.

Host family: prices from 700 to 800 EUR / month, including meals.

Most Spanish students prefer to live in a dormitory or an apartment for students and agree to low prices and a large dose of socialization.

Other expenses related to the student residence

Renting an apartment or a private office does not necessarily mean that your monthly expenses cover all expenses. You should add additional rental costs, such as:

Basic services (electricity, water, heating, waste): 115 euros per month.

Internet: 30 euros / month.

Finally, covering expenses such as rent, food, transport, utilities and other expenses can be about 3,000 per year.

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