20 best summer schools in Spain

20 best summer schools in Spain

The best schools in Spain open their doors in the summer, providing a unique opportunity for international students to spend their summer vacation with the benefit of further studies and careers. Typically, Spanish schools offer two types of summer university courses:

  • Spanish courses at a Spanish summer school;

  • specialized courses in various professions.

Summer schools in Spain are a great opportunity to immerse yourself in Spanish life, to experience the unique atmosphere of the campus, to get a taste of classical Spanish education, to attend lectures of the best teachers, to learn more about Spanish culture and traditions, to develop your language skills and to meet students from all over the world. Another undeniable advantage of summer schools in Spain is the opportunity to combine study with a vacation on the Mediterranean coast, excursions and trips.

 A distinctive feature of summer courses in Spain is the intensity of the lessons and the effective combination of language courses with other ancillary classes: Spanish culture, history, art, literature, gastronomy and business, as well as special courses of oral and written language development.

Regardless of the student's language level, most summer schools in Spain offer readings in Spanish. A small part of the program is taught in English. Even beginners should not be afraid of this, because this method of teaching foreign languages is considered the most effective. The teaching staff of summer schools in Spain consists of teachers with extensive experience in teaching subjects to foreign students.

25 best summer schools in Spain

1.Henry Harvin Teen Academy

Are you ready to accept the challenge? Are you ready to eradicate negativity from your mind? If so, step up and discover a world of possibilities with Henry Harvin. This is a good opportunity for teens to become competent. Henry Harvin gives teens a strategic summer to explore a new career world.

Teens have incredible potential to do something creative with their lives. However, they need the right guidance to accelerate the development of their skills. Henry Harvin offers you the best way to learn and enlighten you with knowledge. He offers you the best platform so that nothing can get in the way of your career.

2. Summer course on design thinking for business transformation

This course is taught by design thinking professionals. The course includes an exploration of concepts such as problem solving, creativity, co-creation, and customer value as they are important in any business strategy. The course is designed to provide a good learning experience for students.

3. Economics: Film, Tourism, and Development

This program emphasizes applied economics and market research. This program teaches economics through film. Each module is based on a series that was filmed in Almeria. Module 1 is based on the film "Asterix in the Olympics" by Jose Luis Ruiz. Module 2 is based on the movie "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" by Bruno Nieves. There are a total of six modules in the program. Teaching methods include role-playing, case studies, and various other activities.

4. CREI Macroeconomics Summer School in Barcelona

 The students are taught by renowned experts in the field. This course covers the main directions of macroeconomics development in all areas. They teach about the growth of economies, international finance and trade, fiscal and monetary polytrogen

5. Summer School Course on Digital Strategy and Social Media

The methodology of this course includes lectures by renowned professors in the field, case studies, practical exercises, project presentations, etc. The main goal of this course is to give students an understanding of different digital and social media strategies so that they can apply them to different brands and institutions. Students are also taught how to use the necessary tools to build a brand on social.

6. Summer Fashion Styling Course.

 A fashion stylist is someone who matches clothes, jewelry, makeup, etc. for someone else. Students learn different types of trends, how to advertise a fashion stylist's outings.

7. Formative Football Expert.

This program is designed for young soccer players who want to become better at the sport. Students get the opportunity to learn and interact with professionals and top coaches. They are taught the content of the egocentric stage, the content of the summation stage. They receive special education  called the MBP education  method.

8. Summer course on fashion product management.

The fashion product manager is responsible for making plans about how to sell the product and give birth to the product . Their methodology consists of theoretical lectures, experiential classes, prodecy Students are even given the opportunity to interact, meet and ask questions

9. Summer School of Business

 Business means the conduct of any commercial activity, which includes commerce. This program lasts from two to eight weeks and helps students understand the latest trends in business This course is organized by one of the best business schools in Europe.

10. Data Science Summer School in Barcelona

Students are offered two courses: 

  • week 1 - Data Science Toolkit and Machine Learning; 

  • week 2 - Machine Learning in the Social Sciences; 

  • week 3 - Computation for Data Science. 

This program is designed for young minds who are interested in machines.

11.Study Engineering Abroad

University of Vic

For international students who want to spend a semester at the Universitat de Vic, the Central University of Catalonia, studying a pre-established engineering study abroad program as an integral part of their studies at home. The program consists of 5 courses (30 ECTS) that have a strong practical component, but also cover the theoretical foundations needed to work on real case studies.

12.Specialized course in renewable energies

ZubiGune Foundation

The added benefit of this summer course are the hands-on activities, workshops and outdoor activities with photovoltaic panels and mini wind turbines as real installers and companions. The focus is on a hands-on approach, specifically for engineers and technicians. This course also includes technical visits to real installations (public or private buildings) together with their installers.

13.GE Summer School in Barcelona

Barcelona School of Economics

Study with the Barcelona GSE, network with international colleagues and enjoy a productive and safe summer school! Barcelona Graduate School of Economics offers week-long courses in economics, finance, data science and related fields.

14.Mediterranean Agroindustrial School (mAt) Summer Program

Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Zaragoza

DMBU's summer program will introduce students to the Mediterranean agribusiness environment with a focus on the European Union (EU), as well as the culinary and cultural riches of Spain and will include Spanish language classes. It is a diverse and collaborative extracurricular program that examines the core value chains of the Mediterranean - companionship, olive oil, fruits and vegetables, seafood - with study trips to several Spanish cities, as well as visits to successful agribusiness companies and activities in and around Zaragoza. This study abroad program will last 4 weeks with the possibility of staying an additional month for an internship in a Spanish company.

15.Spanish summer immersion in Spain

Language horizons

Their  Spanish immersion summer program in Spain offers you a unique opportunity to significantly improve your Spanish while living in the beautiful coastal city of Coruña. You will be fully immersed in the Spanish language and the culture of living and interacting with the Spanish language every day. You have the option of studying Spanish for academic credit, interning with a Spanish organization in your field of study, or doing both for a 5 or 10 week stay! They  recommend this program for students who want to quickly improve their Spanish while experiencing the real Spain. This program is open to beginners through advanced Spanish.

16.Marketing and Business Summer Program

University of Vic

Universitat de Vic - Universitat Central de Catalunya offers a two-week summer marketing and business program in Barcelona. The program focuses on: the evolution of strategic marketing from the beginning to the latest trends; learning to create experiences related to consumer emotions through real projects and case studies; and interpreting big data to present new products.

17.Language horizons.

They place participants in internships that are relevant to their core meaning and aligned with their academic goals. All interns receive academic credit from the Universidade Da Coruña for their internship and can choose a Spanish (intermediate or higher) or Business Spanish course to participate in their internship for a 5 or 10 week stay during the summer. La Coruña is a spectacular coastal city in the lush region of Galicia, offering beautiful beaches, delicious tapas bars, fresh seafood and excellent nightlife.

18.Francisco de Vitoria University - Madrid

The Francisco de Vitoria University is one of the most prestigious universities in Spain, located near Madrid in the area of Car-retera Pozuelo-Majadahonda. The University has a large green area, the University residence has capacity for 200 students. Students have access to modern classrooms, computers with Internet access, video-television room, dining room, cafeteria, first aid station, 24-hour attendant in the lobby. Rooms for 1-2 persons with closet, desk and shower, most rooms have facilities. A swimming pool is near the university and is taken by bus 3 times a week. There are also recreational groups (theater, Spanish culture, journalism, art, dance and team sports), and individual classes such as horseback riding, tennis and soccer (by reservation). There are excursions twice a week. There is a disco every week. Afternoons, dedicated to the opening and closing of the shift, every 2 weeks.

19.Camp Galileo - Valencia

The Valencia summer camp is located in the center of the campus of the Colegio Mayor Galileo Galilei, a 15-minute walk from the beach. Students have modern and comfortable classrooms, a library, a computer lab and recreation rooms at their disposal. They can visit the university's gymnasium, courts, fitness centers, swimming pool, and participate in the university's student life. There are clubs on topics of interest (theater, Spanish culture, journalism, art, dance and team sports). There are many hobby and sports groups at the camp (see list below). Every week there is a disco. Evenings to celebrate the opening and closing of the shift, every 2 weeks.

20.Marbella Elvira Camp - Marbella

MARBELLA ELVIRIA, surrounded by high mountains, is located in a beautiful setting in one of the most exclusive areas of Marbella (100,000 inhabitants), at an altitude of 500 m above sea level. From the classrooms and sports fields there is a breathtaking view of the mountains and the sea. The children go to the sea 3-4 times a week. Students live in rooms for 6-10 students with amenities on the floor. There is a large swimming pool, sports fields, an indoor sports center, a park area, a computer room and a library. There are special interest groups (theater, Spanish culture, journalism, art, dance and team sports), and you can also take individual lessons in horseback riding, tennis, golf or water sports (by reservation). Excursions are available twice a week. There is a disco every week. Evenings to celebrate the opening and closing of the shift, every 2 weeks.

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