When should I send my kid to Spain boarding school?

When should I send my kid to Spain boarding school?

Boarding  schools in Spain are called differently: boarding schools, schools with campus.But the essence of this does not change, and with all the variety of schools in Spain - from public to private, from Spanish to English and German - secondary schools that offer accommodation for their students, not so much.

Do not confuse boarding with host family accommodation - the latter option is offered by every second private school in Spain. Boarding schools offer different options from full board to a few days per week or month.

Types of boarding schools and programs

One of the main advantages - among private schools with residence in Spain can be found British, international and Spanish bilingual . Many such schools also offer IB Diploma, which is important for those who intend to continue their studies outside of Spain, in Europe or the United States.

Accommodation and facilities

As a rule, such boarding schools have a large territory of their own and are located outside the city limits, often in green areas. In this case, the child after school can attend classes and sports sections, spend time with friends - you do not have to worry that he will be bored in the "dormitory".

And, of course, such boarding houses have their own canteen, where children can eat a complex meal throughout the day, and the diet is developed by dieticians taking into account all the needs of a balanced diet of schoolchildren.

Rooms for student accommodation are designed for 2-4 people, each has its own bathroom (or even several), and all have access to high-speed Internet for comfortable learning. At the same time there are other necessary infrastructure on the territory of the residence - gyms and playgrounds, laundry facilities, and often a swimming pool.

When should I send my kid to Spain boarding school?

It's very difficult to answer this question precisely, all children are different. Some children are so independent that they are ready to study away from their parents even from the age of 7. Some experts say that the best age for a boarding school is from 10 years, from 4th grade. However, there have been exceptions. It all depends on the independence of the child, their self-care skills and the parent-child relationship.

It is recommended to send your child to boarding school from the age of 10, because at this age the child becomes more independent in all respects, more easily tolerates the separation from parents, has the necessary skills of self-care.

High school students may also start studying abroad after 8th-9th grades. Teenagers come to A-level, IB, and AR programs even after school. But there is much less time to adapt to the educational system of the chosen country.

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