Top 15 language camps in Spain for summer

Top 15 language camps in Spain for summer

Every year in Spain summer camps are organized, where children and adolescents from different countries attend. The biggest demand is football and English camps in Spain. The excitement around the first is associated with the immense popularity of Spanish football around the world. English camps in Spain are chosen for their combination of high quality language education  and excellent Spanish climate.

Top 15 language camps in Spain for summer

1.Enfocamp Barcelona Beach

The educational organization Enforex has more than 30 years of experience in teaching Spanish in Spain and Latin America, and is also the holder of numerous accreditations such as Instituto Cervantes, Spanish Chamber of Commerce. The school also holds the Ideal Quality Certificate, FEDELE member and many other awards.

In addition to adult language lessons, Enforex organizes Enfocamp summer language camps, which include teaching English or Spanish to choose from, additional sports or creative sections, extracurricular activities, and field trips. The geography of the summer camps is diverse: Barcelona, Madrid, Marbella, Malaga, Salamanca and Valencia. education  is conducted under the direction of certified teachers and trainers.

Summer Camp Barcelona Beach is held in the Mediterranean Technology Park, where one of the campuses of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia is located in the Baix Llobregat, Castelldefels. The University (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya) is the largest engineering university in Catalonia, founded in 1971. The main building of the university is located in Barcelona, and there are 5 campuses in other cities of Catalonia.

The campus in the technology park is surrounded by greenery and there is even a lake on the territory. The campus infrastructure includes a modern 200-room residence with bright and spacious common areas, gardens, event rooms and 24-hour security.

The program of the camp consists of Spanish or English lessons in the morning, and in the afternoon the children participate in sports games, take short excursions, visit the beaches, applying the knowledge acquired in the lessons in everyday life. In the evening, students will enjoy entertainment, watching movies, bowling, talent shows, quests and games. At the end of the camp, each child receives a Certificate and a report with comments from the teachers on the results obtained.

Every year 60% of Spanish children who study English attend Enfocamp camps, and 40% are children from other countries, such as Russia, Poland, Italy, France, Germany, etc.The groups of children are divided by age and level of competence. in the target language, from beginners to advanced. In the camp you can study both Spanish and English. In the classroom, teachers use American teaching methodology: creating projects in which children master new topics, immerse themselves in the language and actively develop oral speech.

2.Enfocamp Elviria

Enforex is one of the most elite Spanish schools in the world, founded in 1989. At present, Enforex language school has numerous accreditations, including accreditation from the Instituto Cervantes. Enforex represents 24 schools in Spain and Latin America. For more than 26 years, the company has been a leader in teaching Spanish not only for adults but also for young people, offering Enfocamp summer programs for children.

Enfocamp is a summer program for children, adolescents and youth, which includes language courses, as well as sports, excursions and other recreational activities. Geography of the summer camps: Barcelona, Granada, Madrid, Marbella, Salamanca and Valencia. The education  is carried out under the direction of experienced and highly qualified teachers. Groups are also coordinated by counselors who are always there and ready to help.

Enfocamp Elviria - located 19 km from the city center in one of the best areas, allowing children to be outdoors and away from the bustle of the city. The camp occupies a large area of 30 thousand square meters, which includes everything necessary for active recreation: swimming pool, indoor and outdoor sports center, volleyball courts, handball and basketball, football field and much more. The school in which children are trained is recognized as one of the most prestigious. It is equipped with modern teaching materials and highly qualified certified teachers. The camp also has a canteen, a buffet, a student dormitory, a doctor's office and more.

3.Instituto Internacional de Idiomas

The language school International Institute of Languages was founded in 1982 and today is a leader in the teaching of foreign languages on the Costa del Sol. The school is accredited by the Instituto Cervantes and is a member of FEDELE.

The summer camp is held on the basis of the private school Colegio San José, which has more than 2 centuries of history. The school grounds are equipped with fully equipped sports fields, a football field, tennis courts and a swimming pool. All the conditions for the recreation of children are created here.

Students are offered day camp programs and 24 hours a day with English or Spanish study. In addition, for greater efficiency, classes are taught in separate age groups: 4-6 years, 7-9 years, 10 and 13-16 years.

Lessons are taught by qualified and experienced teachers in a fun and international environment.

In addition to the didactic activities, students are expected to enjoy interesting and entertaining activities that will not let them get bored: football, volleyball, watching movies, swimming, water polo, excursions in Marbella, in the Amazonas Park, culinary workshops and much more.

Students stay in comfortable rooms in the residence located near the school with full board three meals a day. Students are monitored 24 hours a day.

4. Caxton College

CAXTON COLLEGE, located in the town of Puzol near Valencia, was founded more than 20 years ago and today is one of the most prestigious Spanish schools.

The educational institution is officially recognized by the Ministries of Education of Spain and Great Britain, and is accredited by the Instituto Español de Cervantes.

The university has the status of a British Overseas Centre. Education is provided in English according to the standards of the British education system. 80% of teachers are British. The university also teaches Spanish language, literature and culture.

Summer programs take place in July and August and last from 2 to 4 weeks.

The school has two swimming pools (indoor and outdoor), large education  grounds and gyms, tennis courts, volleyball and basketball courts, a football field. Also for students there are computer classrooms, laboratories, music and theater studies, painting classes, cooking.

5.Sheffield Center

The camp was created from the Lope de Vega school, inaugurated in 1956, and gradually became one of the best schools in Spain. Currently, the school is one of the leaders in international education, where students from more than 20 countries of the world come to study every year.

The camp campus occupies an area of 25,000 m2, which houses classrooms equipped according to modern standards, a recreation area, tennis courts, a football field, a playground, a swimming pool, a cafe with patio, machines with snacks and drinks, a parking lot, as well as residences ...

Teachers at Sheffield language camps focus on developing speaking, reading and writing skills, as well as understanding speech and communication.

In addition to language courses, a wealth of sports and entertainment activities, excursions, trips to amusement parks and much more are offered. Tennis education  is also available at the school of David Ferrer, currently one of the best players in the world, according to the classification of the ATP (Association of Professional tennis players).

The camp has qualified doctors who follow all the recommendations that parents give them, if necessary, regarding the nutrition of the children (special diets associated with allergies or intolerance to certain foods), and also make sure that the children take the prescribed medications properly. road. time.

Students receive accommodation in spacious and bright rooms with bathroom and air conditioning. Teachers and camp staff live in the same residence, allowing them to supervise the children 24 hours a day. Students receive three meals a day as well as lunch. If the children spend the whole day on an excursion, they will have a picnic.

6. FC Real Madrid

The international company Choices International offers sports and language programs abroad (London, Dublin, Mallorca, Manchester, Madrid, etc.) Choices International collaborates with such well-known organizations as UEFA, Chelsea FC Foundation, Real Madrid Foundation, Annabel Croft Tennis Academy.

The Real Madrid Foundation football camp program aims to improve the participants ' tactical skills, playing technique and interaction with other children. A variety of courses are available, including English and Spanish courses, and an independent doormen program.

Real Madrid instills values and qualities such as: companionship, leadership, tolerance, participation in the team. The Real Madrid complex is considered the largest sports facility built for a Spanish football club. The complex includes 5 natural grass fields, 5 more artificial grass fields, the Alfreda Di Stefano stadium, a education  center, a modern medical center, changing rooms, a warm-up room and a cafeteria. Football Technique students are housed on the campus of the European University of Madrid. There is also a education  center, on whose territory there are: a football field, a gym, a heated pool, 4 different courts, 4 mini-tennis courts, 5 tennis courts, etc.


Marcet's first camp was opened in Barcelona in 1978, and at the moment there are already 28 such camps in different countries. In successful collaboration with various football delegations, more than 1,000,000 players and 3,000 coaches have created the Plan Marcet organization, recognized for the high level of preparation of children around the world.

The education  is based on the mastery of the main techniques of football: control and dribbling, feint education , ball passing technique, taking the ball out of the penalty area, taking the ball away from an opponent, difficult combinations, general questions about the rhythm of the game, free throws, as well as the training of goalkeepers.

Despite this, the boys of each level are divided according to age and level of play. On the first day of being in the camp, the students are introduced to the composition of teachers and trainers, and the formation of groups begins. Special education  is carried out, during which the level of education  of the student and his position in the team is determined.

On the territory of the camp of 35,000 m2 there are: 10 education  camps with artificial grass, offices, a first aid post, a residence, an assembly hall, a cafeteria, a dining room, a swimming pool, 42 changing rooms, a gym. , classroom.

8. Atlético de Madrid

In Madrid, Choices International and the football school Atlético de Madrid are organizing a summer football camp for girls and boys from 8 to 17 years old, where they can combine their favorite sports and improve their skills in the Spanish or English language. Atlético de Madrid is a Spanish football club from Madrid, was founded in 1903 and is the second most powerful team in Madrid after Real Madrid.

Football training takes place in the Ciudad Deportiva WANDA of Atlético de Madrid and in the La Oliva football field, in Majadahonda. The Ciudad Deportiva de Majadahonda stadium is the training base for the teams of Club Atlético de Madrid. The sports complex includes 5 playgrounds, two of them with artificial grass. Not the field. 1 has capacity for 3500 people and is the base of the men's reserve team of Atletico.

The uniqueness of the campus of Atlético de Madrid is that the classes are directed by the former professional player of Atlético de Madrid Manolo Sánchez. The program is designed for advanced training, which includes technical skills, tactical evaluation, psychology, and physical training methods. Individual and group game strategies, techniques and other tactical systems of the game will be worked on, which will help the player in its development. There will also be a special training for goalkeepers. During the training, the coaches try to transmit their professional experience and the values promoted by Atletico Madrid: effort, teamwork and solidarity.

In addition to training, children can improve their language skills in Spanish or English lessons. Classes are held on the campus of the University Camilo José Cela. Spanish and English teachers are qualified and certified by CELTA. Classes are held on the same campus where camp participants live. The campus has a cafeteria, gym, swimming pool, computer room. The boys live in rooms with 2, 3 or 4 beds with separate bathroom.

In their free time of classes and training, children will find a program of entertainment activities. On weekends there are excursions such as the Atletico Madrid Museum.

Counselors monitor student safety, so there is monitoring on campus 24/7. A school bus takes the children to the education  centre.

9. Estudio Sampere 

Estudio Sampere offers education  in Spanish for more than 60 years. The quality of teaching has been recognized by various accreditations, including the Instituto Cervantes. In addition, Estudio Sampere is a member of FEDELE, ALTO, IALC, EAQUALS and the American Association of Spanish and Portuguese Teachers.

Classes are held in a small building where there are 7 air-conditioned classrooms, a computer lab, a library and a room to view various multimedia materials; there is Wi-Fi throughout.

Camp education  is intensive. Students practice grammar, learn new vocabulary, practice reading, writing, listening and pronunciation. Teachers aim to teach students to use the skills and abilities acquired when speaking. And because the education  is done in Spanish, the language barrier is quickly overcome.

After class, children will have extracurricular activities including city tours (San Pablo Churches and San Julián Church, Columbus Monument, Salamanca History Museum, Episcopal Palace and others), walks by the pool and various team games.

10. AIP Languages Valencia

The language school AIP Languages is located in Valencia in a cozy area just 10 minutes walk from the city center and 10 minutes by tram from the beach. The modern school has a spacious hall, 23 classrooms equipped with smart whiteboards for maximum participation of students in the learning process and communication with the teacher, a self-study class, a library and a recreation room, its own travel agency that will help you. decide to go on an excursion and diversify your free time. The total area of the school is 850 square meters and has all the facilities to teach 150 students.

The AIP Languages Youth Language Program has welcomed students from all over the world since 1998. Approximately 800 children from countries such as Germany, Italy, Great Britain, the United States, Ireland and others visit the program annually. The school is accredited by the Instituto Cervantes, and is also a member of the National Federation of Spanish Schools (FEDELE), which speaks of the quality of the programs taught and their compliance with all educational standards.

The Valencia Youth Language Camp for Children offers the perfect combination of academic work and fun cultural activities. More than 30 activities are offered throughout the program, and all are included in the course price, from sailing to kayaking, windsurfing, swimming, to an exciting excursion program to the most beautiful places in the region.

11. Proyecto Español

Proyecto Español is the first Spanish school in Alicante accredited by the Instituto Cervantes in 2003.

In the summer, Proyecto Español organizes a summer language camp for teenagers with Spanish children. The program allows you to fully immerse yourself in the Spanish language and culture: in the morning, the children study at school, and in the afternoon they apply their knowledge in the company of Spanish colleagues and teachers, participating in sports and entertainment activities and excursions. .

The accommodation is organized with a Spanish family with three meals a day.

The school in Alicante is equipped with bright and air-conditioned classrooms, as well as a computer room with free Internet access.

12. IED - Istituto Europeo di Design

IED (Istituto Europeo di Design) is an international network of design and fashion schools in Italy, Spain and Brazil, offering quality applied and theoretical education in creative fields. IED has 7 branches in Italy, 2 in Spain (Madrid and Barcelona) and 2 in Brazil. If desired, the student can study in different cities throughout the course. For example, start a 4-year program in Barcelona and spend a year in Milan.

The European Design Institute has fashion laboratories and workshops, 2D and 3D laboratories, photographic laboratories, jewelry workshops. All classrooms are equipped with the latest technology, computer classes are equipped with Mac OS X and Windows systems.

IED offers the following 4 main areas: Design, Fashion, Visual Arts and Communication.

IED is accredited by the Ministry of Education of Italy and Spain and is a member of many international organizations such as: Cumulus, the International Association of Universities and Colleges of Art, Erasmus +, Socrates, ELIA. In addition, the Institute as "international creative laboratory" is the largest research center (CRIED), which provides advice to various organizations, universities, companies and institutions.

For more than 50 years, the Institute has been producing successful designers, fashion designers, photographers, managers who work in some of the most successful companies in the world, such as: Apple, Blackberry, BMW, Ferrari, Fiat, Hitachi, Hp, Gianni Versace Home, Lego, LG, Maserati, Nike, Nivea, Volkswagen, Whirlpool, Adidas, Armani, etc

IED is a forge of specialists in demand, about 86% of graduates get a job immediately after graduating.

A dynamic creative laboratory with the traditions of Italian schools and innovative experiences of cultures from different parts of the world, attracts more than 10,000 students from 90 countries annually. The teaching methodology of IED is the union of students and teachers, the synergy of technology and experimentation, strategic planning and communication, market research and creative inspiration.

13.Españolé International House

The Spanish school Españolé, founded in 1953, is proud to be part of the internationally renowned educational organization “International House World Organisation”. All language programs and courses at IH schools are of excellent quality and high standards. The Spanish educational institution International House is accredited by the Instituto Cervantes and is part of FEDELE.

In July and August a 24-hour camp is held at the escuela Españolé for teenagers from 14 to 17 years old. This educational program is attended every year by children from countries such as Great Britain 21%, Italy 20%, France 15%, USA 8%, Germany 8%, Russia 8%, Bulgaria 2%, etc.

Españolé IH has 2 education centers in the heart of Valencia, surrounded by parks, shops, historical sites. The youth program takes place in a 4-story school building with 10 classrooms equipped with interactive whiteboards, a library, a computer lab, WIFI, vending machines for drinks and snacks and a beautiful rooftop terrace where you can relax between lessons. All classrooms have air conditioning, natural light and are fully equipped for language classes.

By participating in the educational program, students immerse themselves in the Spanish language and culture, learning to use the language in real life outside the classroom. From Monday to Friday, students take 4 lessons per day with Spanish-speaking teachers who motivate students to speak the language with confidence regardless of level. Classes are divided into 6 language levels according to the curriculum approved by the Instituto Cervantes.

A well-planned programme of activities and excursions will introduce students to Valencia and the culture of Spain. The activity plan includes cultural trips in Valencia, sporting events, barbecues, dance classes, visits to the beaches, shopping. Every Saturday the children go on excursions, for example, to Peñíscola, to the city of Arts and Sciences, to the Albufera.

14. Top School

Top School was founded in 1983 as a language school for Spanish students and was named Christine's School. In 1991 the school moved to Alicante and changed its name to Top School.

2008 was a decisive year in the history of Top School: thanks to the loyalty of the students and the constant development, the school reached a new level and began to organize the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language for students from all over the world.

In 2010, Top School became a network, opening a branch in the capital of Spain - Madrid, specifically in its historic center - Calle Libreros.

The school received accreditation from the Instituto Cervantes and became part of FEDELE (Federation of Associations of Schools of Spanish as a Foreign Language). The activities of the educational organization include: secondary education programs in Alicante and Madrid, Spanish courses for adult students, a summer language program for teenagers with the study of Spanish, as well as a popular international camp for children under 15 with the opportunity to study English.

The infrastructure of the camp has been recently renovated and completely renovated. Now, in addition to the vast territory to the participants of the summer program, the following methods are available: the main building, ten wooden cabins for the accommodation of the participants, a dining room with its own kitchen, a swimming pool, a fitness centre, a wide area with children's playground, a reservoir artificial aquatic activities and sports, a hall for concerts and performance programs, tennis courts, football pitches and basketball, gardens with fruit trees and a huge farm that is home to more than 400 animals (goats, sheep, horses, cows, donkeys, ducks, chickens, etc.)

The courses are taught by highly qualified and experienced native speakers with emphasis on the development of all aspects of the foreign language. Special attention is paid to oral practice and the development of communication skills.

The linguistic, creative, sports and adventure activities organized by Top School help students to prove their worth and develop communication skills.

The territory of the camp is monitored and the children are under the permanent supervision of teachers and counsellors. There is one counselor responsible for every 6 children.

Camp Top School is ideal for children who are studying two languages, as the program provides the opportunity to improve English in the classroom and practice Spanish live with local students. The territorial location of the camp also attracts: the proximity of the airport solves the problem of long-term transport, 300 sunny days a year and the proximity to the costa cálida, indispensable factors for choosing a summer vacation for children from other countries. . The optimal balance of age groups is ready to accept both younger students and more independent teens, there are exciting activities for everyone.

15. EU International Summer School

Swiss quality, the international approach and the practical approach are all related to the European Business School (EU Business School). The Business School was founded in 1973 and is an internationally qualified business school with campuses in Barcelona, Geneva, Montreux and Munich. Specialization of the programs: business administration, international business, marketing, finance and entrepreneurship. There are forms of study available: bachelor's, master's, doctoral and preparatory summer courses to assess quality and familiarize yourself with a potential higher education institution.

The International Summer School (ISS - International Summer School) began its work in 2014 and after a few years the number of participants has tripled. This popular program is an excellent introductory course and a springboard for further study at the European Business School. The program combines business research and fun in the sunniest city in Europe: Barcelona.

The program is suitable both for students who are just receiving secondary education and want to understand whether it is worth associating their future profession with business, management, and for current students and graduates who are considering this educational institution to continue their studies and improve their grades. at the international level.

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