Study IB in Spain: school rankings and how to apply

Study IB in Spain: school rankings and how to apply

The international school program Bachillerato Internacional in Spain is a recognized leader in educational programs for students from 3 to 18 years old.

The program is taught in one of three languages to choose from: English, French or Spanish and provides graduates with preparation for admission to the best universities in the world. It also helps to develop the social skills and personal qualities necessary for living in a multicultural environment. The IB diploma is recognized by universities in Europe and the USA, including the most prestigious ones.

The program was developed by the international organization International Baccalaureate and has several stages for different age groups:

  • The program of primary classes of primary school, PYP from 3 to 10 years.

  • The program of secondary school age, MYP from 10 to 16 years.

  • High school, Diploma Program (Diploma Program, or DP) from 16 to 18 years for those who plan to enter the university.

International Baccalaureate Diploma Program

The IB Diploma program is a rather complex curriculum designed for two academic years. Students receive in-depth knowledge in various fields. In private schools in Spain, such a program is most often found in English, and it is suitable for those who come to Spain in high school and do not want to study in Spanish.

Admission to secondary school under the Diploma Program IB is not an easy task.

  • Here are the admission requirements, which may vary slightly depending on the school:

  • A letter of recommendation from a tutor from a previous school

  • Motivation letter-presentation from the student

  • Academic certificate with grades for the last 2-3 years

  • Successful completion of the interview

  • The level of Spanish and / or English at the level not lower than B2 (better than C1).

How to get an IB diploma

Academic performance is assessed by both school teachers and external examiners. Some tasks are sent directly to external examiners for verification: exams, essays, written tasks, tasks from the course of the theory of knowledge. The rest are first checked by the teachers of the school, and then sent to the examiners for control: classes in mathematics and natural sciences, oral tasks from the language course, projects, artistic productions and some others.

For each completed course, students receive from 1 (minimum grade) to 7 (maximum grade). The final score is equal to the sum of all the scores received. Students who score at least 24 out of 45 possible points receive an IB diploma.

A bilingual diploma is issued to graduates who study two languages from the group "Languages and Literature" and have scored at least 3 points for each.

This opportunity is also available to those students who have scored at least 3 points in a subject from the group "Languages and Literature" and a subject from the group "Man and Society" or "Natural Sciences" who studied in another language.

What are the benefits of the Bachillerato Internacional program?

The program gives graduates a number of advantages:

  • The opportunity to enroll in the leading universities of the world. Graduates receive the knowledge and skills necessary for successful admission to foreign universities. The IB diploma is recognized by universities in the USA, Canada, Great Britain and other countries.

  • Education of a versatile personality. IB graduates are people with a broad outlook and independent thinking. They are more open to new things, it is easier for them to adapt to life in other countries.

  • Knowledge of at least two languages. Languages are an important skill for those who plan to continue their studies, and in the future to work in an international environment.

School rankings (top 5)

1.Agora International School Barcelona is a private school owned by the Globeducate international group. It is located in San Esteve CesRovires, 25 km from Barcelona, in a natural environment that preserves all its ecological values. Provides comprehensive international education : trilingual, mixed, respectful and open to dialogue. It offers linguistic immersion with a wide range of foreign languages and the opportunity to study an international baccalaureate program or a double degree of professional education  with an official certificate of English. Its goal is to educate  people with the desire to improve, social commitment and critical spirit, who are able to achieve academic and personal success.

2. Colegio Base

The Base School was founded in 1962 by a group of young university students under the inspiration of the pedagogical lines of the Institución Libre de Enseñanza. From the moment the school was founded, they have been defined as a liberal, mixed, non-denominational, independent school, without political identification, and not directed at a specific cultural or professional group or establishment.

Its main objective is the comprehensive development of students, through a stimulating educational performance in all areas, balancing and weighing their action in each of them. Through this they try to ensure that students: obtain a solid academic preparation, develop to the maximum their ability to communicate perfectly in the English language and acquire and assume the values contained in their educational project.

3.Colegio Internacional Ausias March 

Colegio Internacional Ausias March ranks eighth in the national ranking of the best educational institutions in Spain and is one of the leading private schools in the country. In addition, the college is accredited by the Cervantes Institute and is marked with the Sello a la Excelencia en Calidad Educativa 500+quality mark.

Ausias March is located on twenty thousand square meters in a prestigious area of Valencia, near the sea. The school was founded by four ambitious partners in 1973, who decided to create an educational institution that includes all levels of education. Their plans have come true, today children from three to eighteen years old receive a high-quality education at the college. There are truly "home" conditions created here: teachers know their wards by name and pay attention to each child. In such an atmosphere, students feel comfortable and at ease.

The school teaches in Spanish, but graduates are fluent in at least two languages. Students learn English from an early age, for which bilingual teachers are involved. In the summer, students go to the UK. In addition, in the middle classes, you can additionally choose French and German.

The school accepts international students aged 10 to 17 years for the corresponding programs: compulsory secondary education, which ends at the age of 16, after which students can continue their studies for 2 years under the Bachillerato program and enroll in Spanish universities, as well as pass the Selictividad. the exam is no longer required.

In addition to the mandatory education  program, students can attend various sections and clubs. On the territory of the school there are indoor and outdoor swimming pools, football fields, basketball fields, a tennis court, a fitness center with modern fitness equipment. Here any student will find something to his liking. The school pays great attention to the development of creative potential and comprehensively helps children choose exactly the activity that suits them best. The college has a friendly atmosphere, and the teachers and the administration of the college try to create an almost homely atmosphere - all the staff of the college knows their wards by name, and if students need help, they can contact adult mentors at any time. All teachers of the college are highly qualified specialists who necessarily undergo appropriate education  annually, attend lectures and conferences on education, thereby increasing their value as a teacher and qualification.

The school also pays great attention to the disciplines necessary for life: they teach good manners, talk about healthy food, conduct environmental protection activities. During the annual Sponsored Run marathon, students raise funds for international NGOs. Colegio Ausias March is the first school to become an ambassador of the famous international organization "Save the Children".

4.El Complejo Educativo Mas Camarena

The Mas Camarena Educational Complex is a private multilingual school.

Spanish-English, committed to educating responsible, critical, healthy and respectful people; which allows them to function successfully in the world around them, which is their priority goal of a quality education for life.

The excellent results obtained by  students in the university entrance exams strengthen us in the belief that a well-done work has recognition.

5.Hamelin-Laie International School

Hamelin-Laie International School is a private boarding school in the suburbs of Barcelona, where children are taught from birth to 18 years old. The school has both a full-time education format and boarding accommodation.

To date, more than 200 children of 25 nationalities are studying at Hamelin-Laie International School. Teachers are native speakers of the language they teach. The school has an active student exchange program. Students go to study in Germany, China, Denmark, France, Hungary and Canada.

The school consists of 3 buildings designed in such a way that each stage of education  takes place in the company of peers. The blocks are fully adapted according to the needs of each group. At the same time, the institution has several recreation areas for schoolchildren.

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