Spain best schools for studying English language

Spain best schools for studying English language

A British education has earned a strong reputation for quality, and it is respected and highly regarded around the world. The National Curriculum for England - also often referred to as the "British Curriculum" or the "British Curriculum" - is the first choice for many families. The British Curriculum has a very structured curriculum, and one of the biggest advantages it offers students is that it allows them to move easily from country to country or back to the UK, while receiving a world-class education and qualifications that are recognized and highly valued by universities around the world.

Why choose a school in Spain?

Spain is an attractive, dynamic country whose history, cuisine, art and music of each of its 17 autonomous regions contribute to its unique cultural identity. Expats living in Spain can enjoy beautiful weather, a vibrant culture and a leisurely lifestyle. Employment conditions have steadily improved over the past decade, and the cost of living, along with average wages, has remained relatively low. Educational and health care opportunities are therefore plentiful and easily accessible.

Best schools for studying English language

King's College, The British School of Alicante 

King's College, The British School of Alicante is a beautiful British school in Spain, one of the best on the Costa Blanca. It is a part of King's College, The British School of Madrid, founded in 1969. The school philosophy is based on the principle that it is important not only to get comprehensive education, but also to develop personal qualities and talents of each student. The school is equipped up-to-date. It set a goal to create an ideal environment for the successful education of each child, and today it perfectly copes with this task.

The European School of Alicante 

The European School of Alicante is the only school in Spain that is part of the European School network. The school, located in Alicante, provides a very high level of education and follows the curriculum of the European Union. The main aim of the school is to prepare its students for life in a cosmopolitan, multicultural and multilingual society. Upon graduation from the European School of Alicante an International Baccalaureate diploma is awarded, which allows you to enter the best universities of the world.

The International School Newton College

The International School Newton College, located in Elche, is ranked among the best in Spain. Newton College, founded in 1991, offers bilingual education - in Spanish and English. Also the program includes Valencian language from the first grade of elementary school and German from the sixth grade. Newton College pays close attention to communication and teamwork skills development. In addition, the school participates in international student exchange programs, which gives children the opportunity to travel, get to know other cultures and improve their knowledge of a foreign language.

La Devesa School

La Devesa School, a private school located in Elche, offers quality integrated education for children from 1 to 18 years old. The main emphasis of La Devesa School is mastering foreign languages and new technologies, as well as sports. It is worth mentioning that English language is taught here at the earliest stages. German and French are introduced from the sixth grade of secondary school. La Devesa School is a permanent and active participant of exchange programs with schools of Ireland, Great Britain, Canada, USA, and Germany.

King's Infant School 

King's Infant School in Elche is an elementary school that educates children from 2 to 8 years old according to the British educational system. The school was founded in September 2017. King's Infant School is equipped with the latest technology, and there is an ideal learning environment for the little ones. The main task of the school is to make the educational process interesting for the little ones. In addition, it develops creativity and analytical thinking of children and teaches teamwork.

Elians British School

Elians British School, founded in 2002 and located in La Nusia, near Benidorm, offers education in Spanish and English in accordance with the British curriculum. Elians British Scool works closely with Kings College of Madrid, implementing joint projects. Elians British School accepts children from the age of 1 year. It offers excellent conditions for successful learning.

Limonar International School 

Limonar International School (ELIS) is one of the best private schools on the Costa Blanca. It is located in the area of Villamartin (Oriula Costa), which is especially popular with golfers. In Limonar International School (ELIS), accredited by the American Association of Colleges and Schools and following the British educational program, children from 3 to 18 years are taught. Some subjects from the Spanish national curriculum have also been added to the curriculum. Children who graduate from this school are fluent in Spanish and English. The diploma of Limonar International School (ELIS) allows you to successfully enter the best universities in the world.

The British school Alte

The British school Altea International School, located in one of the most beautiful cities of Spain - Altea, was founded in 2012. Here are taught children from 7 to 11 years of high school. The school teaches by the British curriculum. In addition, the principles of Waldorf-Steiner pedagogy are applied here. Meditation sessions (Mindfulness) are also included in the curriculum, helping the students to improve their attention span and enhance their learning. The philosophy of the school is based on the principle that the most important thing in the learning process is the close cooperation between students, teachers and parents.

Lope de Vega International School 

Lope de Vega International School is a prestigious private school known throughout Spain, founded in 1956. The school, which teaches children from 1.5 to 18 years old, adheres to the Spanish curriculum. Teaching is in Spanish and English. Lope de Vega International School offers a boarding option: there is a residence for students. Graduates of Lope de Vega International School successfully enter the best universities of the world.

Costa Blanca International College 

A private British school located in Benidorm. The teaching process here is carried out in accordance with the British curriculum combined with the Spanish curriculum. Costa Blanca International College teaches children from 3 to 18 years old. The school counts on the individual approach to each student. Much attention is given to development of personal qualities and creative abilities of each child, and to creating an ideal atmosphere for learning. The school is equipped up-to-date. The children attend additional classes, go in for sports and take time for their hobbies.

Xàbia International College 

This private international school, located in Javea, teaches children from 2 to 18 years old. Xàbia International College was founded in 1994. The school has two buildings, one of which is designed for junior and the other for high school. The school follows the British curriculum. Xàbia International College has a strict policy regarding the filling of classes, which allows teachers to give more time to each student.

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