Fees for schools in Spain for international students

Fees for schools in Spain for international students

There are three types of schools in the Kingdom: public, semi-public (dual coeducational schools) and private colleges.

According to Spanish law, primary and secondary compulsory education is free. But this is true only for public schools. However, even in such schools parents buy their own textbooks and school uniforms, pay for extracurricular excursions and incur other costs associated with the process of learning. Sometimes one year in public school can cost several hundred euros.

If we talk about educational institutions of double co-financing, then for their needs the state allocates only part of the funds, the remaining costs fall on the shoulders of the owner of the school. More than half of such schools in Spain are funded by the Catholic Church. However, it would be a mistake to think that these schools are strictly religious. They teach a general education program. The influence of the Church extends to the selection of teachers, whereas in public schools teachers are hired on the basis of examinations. Parents of students in parastatal educational institutions also pay the associated costs, but spend more money on this due to the need to make donations to the school. It costs 100-200 euros per month. In addition, in such educational institutions, as a rule, the children are required to wear a particular brand of school uniform.

Studying in private colleges in Spain is much more expensive. But most work with a Spanish-French or Spanish-English program, which allows you to study in two European languages at once. Students in private schools have a better chance to enter prestigious European universities.

The average cost of studying per semester in Spain

Due to the features of third-party suppliers, the costs will be higher. These programs average about $ 11,000 per semester in Spain, and they support you throughout the entire process, which can make it much easier.

If you have never studied abroad or did not want to negotiate on your own, Go Overseas offers a wide selection of third-party suppliers in Spain.

Alternatively, if you want to establish contacts yourself, you can save a significant amount of money by enrolling directly at a Spanish university.

Public universities can cost as little as $ 1,000 per semester, while some private universities can cost more than $ 7,000.

In addition to the academic classification of schools, universities located outside of major cities will allow you to save even more.

Your knowledge of Spanish will certainly improve if you study outside of a big city, where English is less common.

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