Elite kids camps in Spain: 12 best camps for students

Elite kids camps in Spain: 12 best camps for students

If you are looking for a school holiday option for your child, it is worth considering reputable camps in Spain that provide accommodation for international teenagers on a comfortable campus or with host families. Effective and rapid improvement of a foreign  teenager's language skills is achieved through constant communication with international peers from all over the world, intensive lessons, exciting leisure activities and a friendly atmosphere at top language camps in Spain.

If a teenager is looking to develop a variety of skills related to listening and speaking in Spanish, then they should consider enrolling in an elite language camp in Spain. The main objectives of all leading language camps for children in Spain are:

Teaching English or Spanish in a multicultural and friendly environment.

Substantial improvement in language skills through total immersion in a new language and cultural environment, supervision and mentoring by experienced teachers and counsellors.

Participation of all foreign teenagers in sports, cultural and leisure programme.

Making useful and interesting contacts, making new friends, developing personal qualities such as communication skills, responsibility.

Receiving bright and positive emotions from their holidays in Spain.

1. Sotogrande International Camps


The school is located in one of the best urbanizations in Europe, in the South of Andalusia. Sotogrande is 90 kilometers west of Malaga airport and approximately 20 kilometers from Gibraltar airport.

Sotogrande is considered one of the best urbanizations in Europe not only for its picturesque marina but also for its spectacular beaches and rich flora.

Accommodation and facilities

Their  campers will stay at the residence of the International School of Sotogrande. Located between the famous golf courses in southern Spain, the Boarding House is located just 30 minutes from Gibraltar, 1 hour from Malaga and Jerez airports and 10 minutes from the school.

Students will stay in a residence sharing rooms with 4 beds (Junior Camp) and double rooms (Masters Camp and English Immersion Camp). Each camper has access to closet space and a private bathroom.

Sotogrande International Boarding House has an exceptional variety of facilities including:

  • A recording studio where professional music can be produced.

  • A great gym

  • A comprehensive music room where expression is encouraged.

  • TV

  • Playrooms

  • Common areas

  • Study rooms

  • Pool

  • Basketball court

  • Barbecue area


Are you looking for an English Immersion camp less than an hour from Madrid?

Pay attention! They  have everything ready to offer you a different summer, full of exciting and fun activities in the middle of nature and all this in a total Immersion to English 24 hours a day.

In San Rafael Summer Camp you will have English classes, as well as games, workshops and activities that will help you acquire knowledge and confidence to unfold in English without realizing it through games and participatory activities.

The San Rafael Summer Camp English camp will be directed by native monitors of different nationalities, so that you can hear different Anglo-Saxon accents, among  monitors They  find Americans, English, Scots, among others.

But this is not all, the campers will have the opportunity to share experiences with English-speaking children, thanks to the development of a parallel form of a Spanish camp for English-speaking children. Part of the programming of the activities will allow to establish a cultural and linguistic exchange, making San Rafael Summer Camp an exclusive camp.

The camp takes place in an area of ​​25,000 square meters. The facilities, surrounded by nature, have amenities such as rooms for a minimum of 4 children and a maximum of 6 children, with private bathroom and shower. In addition, They  have  own zip lines, and two swimming pools.

3.Natuaventura Camp, in Burgos

Natuaventura camps always have a winning card up their sleeve with which to captivate the little ones at home. One of its leading camps in the multi-adventure and mountain theme is the Ebro Canyon, located in the middle of nature, at the foot of the Cantabrian Mountains. One of its biggest claims is its extensive program of activities that includes archery training, rafting, excursions to the Ebro reservoir and mountain walks. However, there will also be various adventure games, great gymkhanas, workshops, crafts and evening evenings so that boredom never feels home.

4. Miracampos Equestrian Club Camp, in the Basque Country

The little ones who like horse riding will be able to live a unique experience in this summer camp that reopens its doors. One of its greatest advantages is that children do not need to have a minimum level of horsemanship because the classes that are taught in the camp are divided by levels, so they can register from the little ones who want to learn horse riding from scratch to those who want to perfect their technique. Horseball, ponygames and flip classes will be taught, as well as instructions on the care and handling of the horse. In fact, each little one will have a horse in care during stay in the camp. In addition, there will be activities in the pool, volleyball and badminton tournaments and every night there will be fun evenings.

5. Indian camp, in Girona

L’Arcada bets for children to learn the art of subsisting in nature from a very early age. For this reason, every summer it opens the doors of this Indian camp in which children have the opportunity to interact directly with nature and learn the customs and culture of the Indians. There will be excursions to the river, archery training, creative workshops, crafts and adventure sports. Of course, there will be fun games, dynamic evenings and the most authentic Indian cuisine. In addition, they offer several modalities depending on age: aimed at older children who already know how to take care of themselves or younger children who need personalized attention all day.

6. Bilingual nautical camp, in Valencia

The camps organized by Oliva Surf are always a safe bet. On this occasion they have for the second consecutive year an official sailing school in the Valencian community, where they teach the little ones the basic skills they need to practice this sport. However, they also have many other activities: there will be canoe training, windsurfing, sup paddle, dinghy sailing and adventure raids, and each of the sports activities is led by professional entertainers who speak Spanish and English. Workshops, crafts and outdoor evenings will also be organized. To close the stay with a flourish, the camp celebrates a water Olympics.

7. Camp Rock, in Soria

If your child is a little passionate about music, this is the perfect camp to spend their summer vacations. It has a very diverse program that includes lessons on bass, guitar, drums and voice, as well as musical workshops on the history of rock, composition and sound techniques, dance, musical language and aesthetics. However, there will also be many other leisure and entertainment activities, from games and gymkhanas, pool activities, orienteering sports and archery to evening evenings. In addition, the little ones will have the opportunity to enjoy incredible rock shows and can even form their own band. As the culmination of the experience, the Final Jam will be held, a concert where children are the protagonists.

8. Planet Palombina Camp, in Asturias

The Planeta Palombina camps are always a good choice to spend the summer. This time they offer a surf, adventure and English camp where the little ones can enjoy their holidays intensely: there will be boat rides, kayaking, paddle surfing, snorkeling and mountain biking, all under the supervision of a qualified staff. Climbing activities, hiking trails, tennis training, horse riding lessons and paintball games will also be organized. In addition, children will receive English classes with bilingual or native teachers that will allow them to enter this language or perfect their skills.

9. Irish Summer Camp, in Cantabria

Irish Summer advocates that children learn English from a young age. For this reason, it has a language camp in Cantabria that every summer opens its doors to all children interested in learning English from the hand of native teachers. There will also be sports activities such as soccer, basketball, sailing, canoeing and surfing. In addition, horseback riding, theater plays and handicraft and new technology workshops will be organized. And to make the nights more fun there will be evenings and dances with choreography included.

10. Camp Experience Real Madrid, in Madrid

The Real Madrid Foundation is committed to helping children learn to play soccer from a young age, which is why every summer it opens the doors to this perfect children's camp for fans of this sport. Children will be able to play soccer but they will also enjoy various games and many activities in the pool. Of course, there will be no shortage of soccer training, leadership, self-control and teamwork classes, as well as friendly and competitive tournaments between teams. And so that parents can choose the most convenient dates and times, the camp has planned different internal and external programs.

11. St. George’s School Summer School Camp, in Almería

The camps organized by St. George’s School Summer School are a safe bet for your child to improve his level of English during the holidays. A very special proposal comes from the hand of the school located in Roquetas de Mar, in Almería, where children can learn English with native teachers. In addition, it is not even necessary for children to have a basic level of English since the camp has different programs designed for different levels of English and different ages. Of course, the camp staff has also thought about the children's entertainment, which is why they have an extensive program of leisure activities that include workshops, crafts, games and evening evenings.

12. MasterChef Camp, in Cádiz

It does not matter if the little ones are taking their first steps in the kitchen or if they are already real chefs in the making, in this camp they will be able to learn how to cook or perfect their culinary techniques. The lessons are given by teachers and chefs of haute cuisine. The little ones will also have the opportunity to form teams and compete in different scenarios to test their skills in the kitchen. In addition, there will be excursions, walks in the surroundings, sports activities and games in the pool. And every night themed parties will be organized, such as the Michelini Chef Gala and Masterheroes, for children to have fun with their friends.

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