Best schools for English in Spain

Best schools for English in Spain

All parents dream of giving their child only the best, and education is perhaps one of the most important aspects of parental care. If you want your child to receive a truly high-quality, comprehensive education that will allow them to enter the best universities in the world, private schools in Spain are an excellent choice.

The choice of private schools in Spain is quite wide: here you will find schools working according to the Spanish, French, European, British and other systems of education. British schools in Spain are in the greatest demand, because they give you the opportunity to master perfectly not only Spanish, but also English. Moreover, some private schools in Spain introduce into their program such classes as Mindfulness (meditation), which help to improve the ability to concentrate and better assimilate the material. Some schools have also summer schools.

Also private schools in Spain pay much attention to development of personal qualities and creative abilities of each child, development of the emotional side of personality, empathy and tolerance. Children are prepared to live in a multicultural, cosmopolitan and multilingual world, learn teamwork skills, develop analytical thinking, etc. Sports and hobbies also play an important role.

In short, a private school in Spain guarantees that your child will receive a high-quality education, which will be an excellent foundation for adult life.

As for prices, the cost of one month of study at a private school in Spain starts at about €400 - €450 and goes up to €1000 or more, depending on the school and the stage of study. On top of that you will have to pay a starting fee (usually €500 - €600). You also have to pay separately for the comedor (lunch), transport, school uniform, school books and some extra tuition.

Lady Elizabeth School

Founded in 1987, Lady Elizabeth School is committed to providing the highest standard of enriching, learning-centered education that enables Their  students to thrive and experience failure in a safe and supportive environment.

The school offers a UK-based curriculum and secondary students take GCSE and A-Level examinations in a wide range of disciplines. Students also have the opportunity to obtain Graduate and bachillerato degrees in Spanish, allowing LES graduates to enter institutions of higher education both in Spain and around the world. LES students have continued their studies in various countries and the school maintains strong ties with a growing list of alumni.

Their  staff, students and parents share the fundamental expectation of a positive learning attitude. They  educate their students by encouraging them to develop a "growth mindset" so that they become resilient and persistent in the face of adversity.

King's Infant School, British School of Madrid

King's Infant School is a British school located in the Chamartín district of central Madrid. Their  school is a place where every day Their students make great strides in their learning journey and, most importantly, have fun.

Young children are naturally curious; they embrace this to develop in them a love of discovery and learning. They create inspiring learning opportunities by encouraging exploration and engagement in Their  students. The quality start they receive at King's Infant School allows students to establish a solid foundation on which to build further learning.

They know that success is based on partnerships between students, parents and staff; working together they  celebrate successes and overcome challenges.

Confidence, independence and well-being are skills they strive to instill in Their  students from a very early age, using a variety of creative, hands-on learning opportunities. Their  students speak English and Spanish with confidence and are encouraged to share their language skills in all lessons.

King's College, British School of Alicante

King's College is a British school located on the outskirts of Alicante with easy access to the city by road and public transport. It is housed in a specially designed modern building with the latest technology and is designed for children between the ages of 2 and 18 (kindergarten to grade 13) and has a capacity for over 1,100 students.

It is a truly unique and outstanding institution, offering a rich curriculum and a broad and comprehensive education. When you visit the school, you will be impressed by Their  warm and caring environment, supported by the dedication and talent of the staff and the enthusiasm of the students. In addition to focusing on the intellectual achievement of each student, they strive to ensure that they have fun and are interested in the entire school experience. Staff are free to spend their time, they offer an extensive program of sporting, musical and theatrical activities, as well as numerous opportunities for extracurricular work, trips and visits. First and foremost, like all parents, they want Their  children to thrive and be happy during their time with us. Their motto "Excellence in all we do" resonates throughout the campus and encourages all members of the UK international community to live up to high expectations and standards.

European International School of Barcelona

EUROPEAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF BARCELONA has been a member of ECIS since 1997. This organization brings together international schools committed to multilingualism, whose common goal is to change students' lives through international education.

They are an independent school with an international, avant-garde and practical approach that fosters the development of abilities and strengthens the natural talents of Their  students, helping them to excel in their humanistic and academic development.

Their  project, which involves 1,500 students from more than 50 different nationalities, under the guidance of a stable academic team, begins in kindergarten and ends in the second year of undergraduate study. At that point, students have the opportunity to earn a national bachillerato, an American high school diploma, or an international A-level.

The school is located just 15 kilometers from the center of Barcelona and is surrounded by the Collserola Natural Park of 8,465 hectares, on a 14,000 m2 site with 10,503 m2 of buildings for classrooms, laboratories, canteens, classrooms, kitchen and large gymnasium.

Montessori British.

Montessori British is a boarding day school in Mercia that follows the UK national curriculum with a Montessori approach. They offer internationally recognized qualifications - IGCSE and A-Levels exams, which are available in an intensive residential setting.

Their  blended program, which combines the best of online practice with residency, is ideal for traveling families, gifted students looking for a personalized approach, sports and art students, and separated or divorced parents living in different cities or countries, whatever allows you to stay with your respective parents at any time of your choosing.

Their  methodology is child-centered, Their  goal is to provide students with the tools and skills for autonomy, independent learning, creativity, and global thinking. They want to guide students until they reach their personal goals: going to university, starting their own professional or creative career, or starting their own company.

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