9 most expensive schools in Spain

9 most expensive schools in Spain

According to the latest data from the Organization for Economic Development and Cooperation, 32% of Spanish students study in different private school types, the management of which can set the price for educational and other services at its own discretion.

According to this indicator, Spain ranks third in Europe, second only to Ireland and the Netherlands. At the same time, Spanish private schools are characterized by a wide range of prices – from 4,000 to almost 25,000 euros per year for tuition alone, excluding meals, travel, uniforms, textbooks, classes in sections and participation in extracurricular activities. As a rule, such schools are characterized by a foreign education system, the study of several foreign languages and close ties with prestigious universities, where future graduates are usually preparing to enroll.

Here is the top of the 16 expensive schools in spain:

1.The British School of Barcelona, Castelldefels (Barcelona)

The British School of Barcelona ensures to maintain a close relationship with families who will be very involved in education. Its mission is to "contribute to the education and development of leaders: young, educated, enthusiastic; happy leaders of today and sensible, confident, educated and satisfied leaders of tomorrow."

The center says it places special emphasis on effective learning, through a comprehensive education that goes beyond strictly academic content. Thus, in addition to classes, students attend activities related to sports, art, music or theater. Depending on the educational stage of the student, the fees vary. Prices range from 10,000 euros to 15,000 euros per year.

2.El Limonar International School Villamartín, San Miguel de Salinas (Alicante)

Limonar International School is committed to providing students with an "effective and high-quality affective education, within a culture of mutual respect." In addition, the center emphasizes that each student is unique and the daily challenge is to personalize their education "to provide them with a personal and academic background, which allows them to face and overcome each educational stage." The fees vary according to the educational stage. They range from 5,800 euros in Infants to 9,450 euros in bachillerato.

3.International College Spain, La Moraleja (Madrid)

According to the International College Spain, the students who enter this center will enjoy "one of the best international education programs offered in the world." For the center it is very important that its students are happy and develop both emotionally and socially, as well as academically.

Prices vary according to the teaching section. It starts from 9,000 euros a year in the 3 to 5-year studies and exceeds 16,000 euros in the bachillerato courses.

4.The American school, Pozuelo de Alarcón

Located in Pozuelo de Alarcón, it ranks as one of the best English-speaking centers in the Community of Madrid. The price ranges between 1,300 or 2,000 euros per month, depending on the educational stage in which the students are. Football personalities as well as the Spanish aristocracy have chosen this renowned school whose teaching is governed by the American method.

5.British Council School, Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid)

The British Council School's maxim is: 'be the best you can be'. Thus, the center believes that it is essential that each student feels well integrated, "if that basic premise is not met, it is impossible for them to reach their best potential with us," say those responsible for communication. Also, the 'school-family-student' connection is very important for the child's development.

Prices vary depending on the year of study and range from 6,000 euros to almost 10,000. In addition, in the case of new families, some 1,600 euros are added for the opening of the file.

6.San Patricio, Madrid

This school, which distributes primary classes on Calle Serrano in Madrid and those for bachillerato in La Moraleja, has been the center chosen by some personalities in Spain for their children. San Patricio, has a price that ranges between 600 and 750 euros per month not including extracurricular classes that are paid monthly. It also includes services such as music classes and the possibility of studying the international baccalaureate, as well as a dining room with its own kitchen.

7.King's College (Madrid, Alicante and Elche)

King's College presents itself as a British education that creates open-minded, creative and dynamic people. "Your child will learn from first-hand experiences, not just textbooks. They  will encourage them to be creative in their thinking and are expected to work hard every day," says their website.

Like the rest of institutions, the fees vary depending on the school year. And they range from 2,168 euros / quarter in the first years to 3,039 euros / quarter in the last years.

8.San Francisco de Paula, Seville

The educational mission of San Francisco de Paula is to impart an education based "on respect and work and ideologically independent, which contributes to happiness, culture, innovation and responsible socio-economic progress." Thus, one of the most valued aspects in the admission process is the involvement that families can show in the education of their children and share the values ​​of the school.

The fees in this course range from 5,500 euros / year for the Nursery School (3,4 and 5 years) to 10,700 euros / year for the International Baccalaureate. From first to fifth grade the price is 6580.

9.Benjamin Franklin, Barcelona

Encouraging learning through the search for knowledge is the main value of this international school whose price ranges between 825 euros and 1,229 euros per month. Located in Barcelona, the high cost of this educational center corresponds to the triple certificate obtained at the end of each school stage. The student can opt for the Spanish bachillerato Certificate, the American Baccalaureate Diploma and the International; which will allow him in the future to access any university in the United Kingdom or the United States.

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