8 best English courses in Spain: top schools for students

8 best English courses in Spain: top schools for students

English courses in Spain are suitable for students who want to combine a holiday in this country with international language practice. If  compare English studies in the country of native speakers (England, USA, Canada, etc.) or in Spain, there are several "pro" Spanish courses: budget courses are 2-3 times cheaper, the sunny weather with recreation at the sea, all the same native speakers.

Depending on your goals English schools offer intensive and intensive courses all year round (from 4 to 10 hours a week) and super-intensive summer programs (up to 20 classes a week). Individual lessons with a teacher are also available, e.g. to prepare for FCE, CAE, IELTS, TOEFL exams, to improve your phonetics and listening comprehension of different accents of English, to improve your grammar and speaking skills.

One of the most popular courses is the Combined English and Spanish course (10 English and Spanish lessons per week).

9 best schools for learning english in Spain

1. English Quest Camps

English Quest Camps Tarragona is located in the Catalan coastal city of Tarragona, in northeastern Spain. These exciting summer programs for younger students are located in the center of the city on the campus of the University of Rovira and Virgill (URV). The fascinating combination of classroom and outdoor activities offers students a unique language learning experience while being within walking distance of the beautiful Spanish coast of Tarragona with its rich cultural heritage. Barcelona International Airport is 1 hour from the school, providing easy access for all international arrivals and departures.

The school has excellent facilities and is located on the premises of the University of Rovira and Virgill (URV). The school has a cafeteria, restaurant, computer lab, seating area and several places for social events. All classrooms are air-conditioned and have plenty of natural light to create an optimal learning environment.

These high school programs offer students the best in outdoor activities, 15 language lessons per week and include full board accommodations with 24/7 supervision. Each program is filled with fun and exciting daily activities including bowling, hiking, beach visits and more! Weekly full-day excursions are also offered, allowing junior students to safely visit attractions such as PortAventura amusement park and the city of Barcelona.

Accommodation is in the university residence, just a short walk from the city center and a 15-kilometer stretch of beach along the coast. The rooms are double rooms with full bathrooms. Each room has a desk, bed and closet, all under 24/7 supervision if needed. The residence has a TV and fitness room, several common areas, dining room and leisure and sports facilities.

English Quests Camps offers action-packed summer programs for younger students in two locations: Cyprus (Larnaca) and Spain (Tarragona). Each program includes activities, excursions, dynamic lesson plans and 24/7 supervision. A wide range of outdoor activities, in addition to language instruction, provides students with a unique language experience, allowing them to learn both inside and outside the classroom. All school staff have over 5 years of experience teaching children and are university graduates.

By providing a safe and enriching environment in all programs, English Quest Camps strives to educate younger students in the language while helping them in other aspects of young life, such as developing self-esteem, developing a sense of responsibility and working on social skills. . These adventurous programs are sure to provide everyone with unforgettable moments.

2. Up! Idiomes

Up! Idiomes school is located in the medieval Catalan city of Girona, in the north-east of Spain. The school is located in the centre of Girona and everything a student could need in terms of shops, restaurants, accommodation and supermarkets is just a short walk away. Attractions such as the magnificent Girona Cathedral, the Pont de Pedra and the ancient walls surrounding medieval Girona are all within walking distance of the school, providing students with the perfect place to explore the city and create unforgettable moments. Bus and train stations are just a 10-minute walk from the school and Barcelona can be reached in just 40 minutes by high-speed train.

The school offers courses of the highest quality, helping students of all levels to achieve their language goals in Spanish, Catalan and English. Spanish courses are available all year round and can be taken in groups or individually. Until! Idiomes also offers special programmes for Erasmus students.

The school has everything you need for exciting lessons led by highly qualified teachers. All classrooms have plenty of natural light and space to create an optimal learning environment. Students can also use the study software free of charge after class, as well as the computer lab, library and student support service for any questions or concerns.

Homestay accommodation with a local family can also be arranged directly through the school and is subject to availability.

3. Trivium Estudi

The Trivium Estudi school is located in the picturesque setting of Platja d'Aro (Costa Brava), on the northeast coast of Spain. The school is located in the centre of Platja d'Aro, a 10-minute walk from the Gran d'Aro beach, surrounded by shops, restaurants and supermarkets. Attractions such as the local water and amusement parks, a skate park and the beautiful Parc dels Estanys bird watching site are within walking distance of the school.

The school has fantastic facilities available to all students, including a library, free Wi-Fi, a computer lab and free access to after-class language programmes. All classrooms are air-conditioned and heated, and have plenty of natural light to create an optimal working and learning environment.

Intensive Spanish courses, taught in groups or individually, are available for adults throughout the year, while programmes for younger students are available during the summer months. These courses are available for students of all levels.

In addition to Spanish, Trivium Estudi also offers classes in English, Catalan and Portuguese.

With such a lively atmosphere, the school is in an excellent position to help with any planned excursions or day and evening activities. A variety of water activities are available in the area, including kayaking and snorkelling, jet skiing and wakeboarding. Fantastic boat trips can also be found in the area and are a favourite souvenir for many students.

4.Princess Study Centre

Centro de Estudios Princesa is located in Granada, next to the Sierra Nevada mountains in Andalusia, southern Spain. The school is located in the city centre, where transport, supermarkets, restaurants, shops and many of the city's attractions, such as the Alhambra Palace, are within walking distance. Granada has immense history and beauty and Centro de Estudios Princesa is ideally located to enjoy the city to the full.

The school offers Spanish courses suitable for students of all levels and ages. The team of native teachers are highly qualified and happy to help students achieve their language goals while providing a positive and enjoyable experience. Centro de Estudios Princesessa offers full and part-time Spanish courses of varying lengths throughout the year.

The Princesessa Study Centre has excellent facilities including a computer lab, free Wi-Fi, free water and student support for any questions, queries or concerns students may have. Each classroom is air-conditioned, heated and has plenty of natural light to create an optimal learning environment for all students.

For all students requiring accommodation, the school can provide a student residence within walking distance of its doors.

The Princess Study Centre also offers language courses in Arabic, English, French and German, as well as other educational programmes in various subjects.

5.Maestro Miguel de la Hoz Spanish Language School

Escape the big Spanish cities and learn the language in a traditional small town like Jaén. This is a great opportunity to truly immerse yourself in the life of the locals and put your newly learnt Spanish to the test. In the centre of Jaén, in the Andalusia region, you'll find the Iglesia de la Asunción, a magnificent Renaissance cathedral just a short walk from the Maestro Miguel de la Hoz Spanish language school. The town, although small, is not devoid of entertainment, and you will definitely not waste your free time. The Moorish fortress of Castillo de Santa Catalina is a 40-minute drive from the school, with views across the region, or relax in one of the local cafés or bars serving southern Spanish delicacies.

Escuela de Español Maestro Miguel de la Hoz describes its teaching methodology as a communicative approach, which means that students will use the language in everyday classroom scenarios. This allows students to understand the true meaning of the language and, through this, they can apply and repeat it outside the classroom to reinforce their knowledge. Along with general language lessons, the school also has the opportunity to combine the course with lessons on special business problems, which can be conducted either in a group setting or in the form of individual lessons with one or more people. The school is a SIELE-certified centre.

6. HI5 Education Centres

Hi5 Education Centres are located in the coastal city of Valencia, Spain. Valencia welcomes tens of thousands of students each year, offering them a mix of history, contemporary culture and beach life by the sea. The Hi5 Education Centre is located in Benniferry, on the outskirts of Valencia city centre. Attractions in Valencia include the City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia Central Market, Valencia Cathedral, Prince Felipe Science Museum and much more. Valencia Airport is about 45 minutes from the school by public transport.

The school offers courses that immerse students in the atmosphere of Valencia, with Spanish lessons and cultural excursions playing an important role in all programmes. Adults and teenagers are offered a variety of full immersion programmes at different times of the year.

7.The british academy

The British Academy is a bilingual language school in the capital, Madrid. Madrid is a bustling metropolis, the capital of Spain, where traditional Spanish cultures and fashion trends combine. The British Academy is located in the Canillas area of Madrid, in the north-east of the city, close to Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas airport, and has many parks, making the area visually attractive. Madrid is the largest city in Spain and to accommodate this there is a very efficient metro system running through the city. There are two metro stations within walking distance of the school: Canillegas and Torre Arias, both connected to the L5 (green line), which reaches the city centre in just over half an hour. Madrid has plenty to see and do, and the street that houses the British Academy leads to the city's main square, Puerta del Sol. Other attractions worth visiting along the way include the Retiro Park and the Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas, the bullring. The Prado Museum is considered one of the most impressive art museums exhibiting European art and is a must for art lovers. Students can visit the museum in less than 45 minutes using the metro, and there are many activities throughout the day around the museum. If life in the city gets too boring, a 15-minute walk from the school, students can immerse themselves in nature at the Parque Juan Carlos I. The school has everything students might need while studying the language: a selection of bars for lunches, supermarkets for snacks at break times and bars for chatting with new friends after class. This is an excellent central base for your stay in Madrid.

The British Academy offers courses in English and Spanish. The English courses are designed to teach the basics of the language and it is possible to focus on the conversational elements of the English language. Although the school is located in a Spanish-speaking country, it is a very international city and therefore it is easy to practise English outside the classroom. The Spanish courses on offer are more focused on specific purposes: preparation for the DELE exam or Spanish in the workplace for those looking to improve their language in a business environment. In class, students will learn the language of their choice using a pedagogical approach. This style of teaching moves away from a systematic and repetitive format of language learning and emphasises the importance of using cultural and social examples to help students better absorb and make sense of the information. The British Academy does this through daily group work in classes of no more than 8 people to encourage students to learn the language and reflect on how grammar is used in everyday life. The classroom environment is very important for students to feel comfortable and safe for effective learning, so each classroom is equipped with electronic whiteboards, air conditioning, heating and sufficient natural light to achieve this environment.

8. Cambridge institute

The Cambridge Institute of Madrid is located in the vibrant and authentic Spanish capital of Madrid. The school is located in the heart of Madrid, in the Plaza de España, within walking distance of places of interest such as the Royal Palace, the Royal Theatre, the Lope de Vega Theatre - The Lion King, the Sabatini Gardens and the Temple of Debod. The Cambridge Institute is ideally located for students to fully enjoy the city with everything they need to create an unforgettable experience nearby.

The school offers Spanish courses for students of all levels. General intensive courses (short/long term), as well as special courses designed for final year students, are available throughout the year. Private lessons are also available and can be added to complement any of the general courses. As the name suggests, the school offers a variety of general and professional English courses, as well as Chinese, French and German courses.

All of the school's classrooms are equipped with electronic whiteboards, heating and air conditioning, creating optimal conditions for learning.

Studying Spanish in the Spanish capital will undoubtedly be a unique and exciting experience for students of all ages. The city is full of attractions, excursions, galleries, museums and beautiful green spaces and parks for everyone to enjoy.

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