15 best language courses in Spain for students

15 best language courses in Spain for students

The best language schools in Spain for children, students give their students the opportunity to take courses to improve their language level, enjoy the atmosphere and time spent in one of the most beautiful countries in Europe and the world, make new friends and learn. many interesting things. Spain is one of the most attractive countries for tourists: the country has a high standard of living, safety and infrastructure. Those who have ever been here, will never forget the enchanting beauty of nature, where from region to region you can find a variety of landscapes. Spain also has a high level of education: there are prestigious institutions of secondary, higher and specialized education, which annually attract a large number of people from all over the world.

Spanish schools in Spain are extremely popular: they are located in a variety of regions and cities throughout the country and offer a wide range of courses, allowing everyone to choose the course that suits their goals and objectives. In most cases, lessons are often complemented by extracurricular activities, sports, art and excursions, and it is also possible to create an individual vacation plan.

The best language schools in Spain include an extensive list of institutions, each of which has a fairly high rating and offers a variety of language courses and programs for children and students from all over the world. The schools offer classes not only in Spanish, but also in English, students can choose the duration of the course, the type of course and the dates of study. In most cases, the host takes care of accommodation and catering, especially for younger age groups. Advantages and peculiarities of language schools:

  • It is possible to study Spanish / English from level zero.

  • Variety of courses

  • Best teaching methods

  • Native teachers

  • High level of organization

  • Total linguistic immersion

  • Prestigious and highly qualified institutions

  • Accommodation and catering (residence, host family, hotel)

  • Courses are available all year round, with summer being the most popular season.

  • Includes cultural and entertainment program, sports and creative activities.

15 best language courses (schools)

1.Kingsbrook Languages

Kingsbrook Idiomas is a private language center that has been in the international educational market since 2001. The school campus is located in sunny and pleasant Barcelona, which is an ideal city for learning Spanish and getting to know the history and culture of the country. Kingsbrook Idiomas Language Center offers a wide range of courses for international students of all levels. There are courses of different lengths, intensity and focus for adults and children. The school is proud of its internationality: every year, more than 45 nationalities choose Kingsbrook Idiomas, which proves that the language programs are effective and the teachers are highly qualified. The competence of the school's staff and the excellent service are recognized by the ALTO, FIYTO, WYSETC and Instituto Cervantes associations.

2.Taronja Language School

Taronja Escuela De Español - Taronja Language School is a private language school specialized in teaching Spanish to foreign students from all over the world. Taronja was founded in 2004 in Valencia, one of the cultural and historical centers of Spain, along with Barcelona and Madrid, which could be another reason to learn Spanish at Taronja Language School.

Taronja Language School offers a wide range of language programs for adults: individual students and complete groups (from 15 people). The school offers programs of different orientations, from standards and exams to sports and individual programs. The staff at Taronja Language School is always happy to help students choose the right course and accommodation. The school is accredited by the Instituto Cervantes, the Generalitat Valenciana and the associations IALC and FEDELE, of which Taronja is a member.

Learning Spanish in Valencia is a rewarding experience, which the staff at Taronja Language School strives to make unforgettable for its students. That is why classes at the school will surely be combined with a rich program of excursions, sports and entertainment, which makes learning more effective and fun.

3.International House Valencia

Espanole International House Valencia is a private language school that belongs to the International House network of independent schools, which has locations in numerous cities around the world.

Espanole IH Valencia is a medium-sized school with a friendly atmosphere and a highly qualified staff, attentive to each and every foreign student. The high quality of services and curricula are approved by the Instituto Cervantes, FEDELE and the IALC, of which Espanole IH is a member. The center offers language programs for students of different ages and levels: teenagers, adults, beginners and advanced students. Classes can take place either in the afternoon or in the evening.

4. FreeDa Barcelona

Specializes in Spanish, Catalan, Russian and English. Classes are held individually or in small groups.

The leadership of the school does everything possible to vary the life of the students, organizing different events, parties, watching movies, etc

5. Camino Barcelona

This course is located in the center of Barcelona and offers students the opportunity to live in the same building as their classes. However, it is considered one of the most affordable. 

6. Olé

The high quality of education is accredited by the Instituto Cervantes. The school offers its students single rooms (from 23 € / day) or double rooms (from 17,8 € / day).

The student apartments are located in different areas of Barcelona, but no more than 35 minutes from the school. 

7. Don Quijote

A network of more than 30 summer schools in operation since 1986. A distinctive feature is living with a host family. Many students choose this option for accelerated integration into Spanish life and constant language practice. The school also offers a list of student residences and apartments.

8. Studio Sampere

The language school has existed for 45 years and has branches in three countries and five cities. In Spain they are Madrid, Alicante and Salamanca. The school offers separate master classes on the culture of Spain and, for an additional charge, you can also attend evening events.


The school has its own philosophy with 10 commandments, which can be seen on the website. As pointed out by the students themselves, these rules are quite simple, but very useful for mastering the language.

An interesting approach to working with students is the honor board, where reviews of "Students of the month" are posted.

 10. Speakeasy.

The school offers the CASA program, which is based on the fact that each linguistic, communicative or grammatical content is related to the following. You can find many positive comments from students at the school who like the system.

Students also praise the design, the fast learning curve and the cost of the courses. 

11.Intensive Spanish courses

University of Alicante

Their  Spanish courses (of all levels) are designed to fully immerse students in the Spanish language and its environment through experiences that will take place in the classroom and elsewhere (projects, presentations, short films, subtitles, plays, blogging, drama, art, video dubbing ...), both in Spanish classes and in the courses They  offer as a supplement to language classes: cinema, theater, art, Spanish for tourism, business Spanish, Spanish culture and Spanish gastronomy. All intensive courses have university ECTS credits.

12.Spanish for Foreigners

University of Almeria

They  offer classes at all levels, from beginner to advanced. These courses cover all the necessary grammar and vocabulary for oral and written Spanish

The objectives, content and specific criteria for each level will be elaborated in B2 en A1, y en CE2.

They  offer General Spanish courses in two lengths:

  • 90 hours: Ideal for gaining the level you want.

  • 40 hours: Perfect for consolidating your level or for getting started.

13.EF Ejecutivo - Immersive Spanish Abroad


Learning a new language for work must be done quickly and in the right context. This immersion course in Spanish is designed to help professionals learn Spanish in Madrid, Spain. It is offered in a flexible and completely Spanish-speaking environment where you can quickly develop your Spanish language skills for your chosen profession.

14.Spanish Course

University of Barcelona

Spanish Studies is an institution at the University of Barcelona that has been teaching Spanish and culture to international students for more than sixty years. It offers a wide range of language and cultural courses throughout the academic year. The Spanish courses are adapted to the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL) and the programs are based on the curriculum of the Cervantes Institute (PCIC). In the classes, work on grammatical points is closely related to language practice, in the comatimiento.

15.Standard Spanish Course

Proyecto Español

This 3-hour course combines grammar practice, vocabulary, and communicative functions. The course combines grammatical content and communicative function, based as it is on the novena as vahanky function.

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