11 most expensive schools in Spain

11 most expensive schools in Spain

The cost of private schools or high schools depends on the quality of teaching, reputation and location of the school. Therefore, it is not surprising that the education  centers in Madrid and Barcelona are the most expensive. The monthly tuition fee does not include administrative and registration fees, fees for textbooks, consumables, laundry, insurance, extracurricular activities, meals and bus.

In general, private schools, including international ones, prefer a less saturated program and a softer version of education than public ones. And they pay more attention to sports, culture and art, and also have a wider range of academic subjects. There is also a disadvantage of attending a private school: it may be useful from an academic point of view, but integration into Spanish society may be limited.

11 most expensive schools in Spain

1.International College Spain – 12 600-25 960 euro/year

The international private school in Madrid, International College Spain, was founded in Spain more than 30 years ago. This school is the only school in the capital that provides an opportunity to study in three international baccalaureate programs in English (in primary, secondary and high school).

Thanks to many years of experience, the International Spanish College in Madrid has won the respect and trust of many parents. The private school is included in the list of the best international private schools in Spain. Currently, more than 690 children (59 nationalities) study at this private school in Madrid. Graduates of the school enter the best higher educational institutions in Spain (Complutense University, Independent University of Madrid, University of Navarre, etc.), Great Britain (Oxford University, Cambridge University, etc.) and the United States of America (Colombia). University, Harvard University, Stanford University, etc.).

2.American School of Barcelona – 14 050-24 770 euro/year

The American School of Barcelona (American School in Barcelona) was founded in the capital of Catalonia 50 years ago with the idea of providing an opportunity to provide high-quality American English to family children. The school quickly won the international private private schools of Spain. Currently, more than 600 students from more than 45 countries (Spain, the United States, Great Britain, France, Holland, Canada and other countries of the world) are studying here. Students of the school successfully pass their final exams and enter the best universities in Spain, the United States of America and the United Kingdom (Oxford, George Washington University, Boston University, the Autonomous University of Barcelona and others).

3.American School of Madrid – 15 600-24 000 euro/year

When enrolling, priority is given to US citizens who" sufficiently " speak English, and there is a separate program for children with disabilities. The main emphasis is on the study of natural science and modern technologies, including robotics (there is a hall with the DaVinci system), as well as on the development of creative abilities of students. There are 4 buildings on the campus, a football field with a running track, a baseball field, two tennis courts, basketball and volleyball courts.

4.Runnymede College – 9000-21 000 euro/year

Runnymede College is an independent high-selection school based in La Moraleja, Madrid, Spain.  It was founded in 1967 by Arthur Powell CBE as the first British school in Spain. It is a private, non-denominational school offering British education to boys and girls of all nationalities between the ages of three and eighteen.

The education offered is in line with the National English Curriculum, with students taking IGC exams at the end of 11th year and their A levels at the end of 13th year. Runnymede has been named arguably the most academically successful British school abroad, scoring more points than many of the prominent English public schools. 

5.St.Peter School Barcelona – 9800-16950 euro/year

A private international school, which is taught according to the International Baccalaureate educational program. The program is designed for children from 3 to 18 years old, a detailed description of it can be found at the link.

It is important that the school employs 110 teachers from 10 countries of the world. The main education  is conducted in English, and the idea of the education  is that students understand the various accents of the English language. Therefore, teachers come from different countries: Canada, Great Britain, the USA. Undergraduate students take the IB program.

6.Benjamin Franklin International School – 11 000-16 830 euro/year

The Benjamin Franklin International School is one of the few schools in Barcelona that is accredited in the United States and Spain and offers international education on the American model. The students of the school are children from 50 countries of the world, and the number of people in each class does not exceed 18. BFIS is recognized as one of the best international schools in Spain, and 86% of students received the highest scores when passing international exams in 2018 - the figures are impressive. It is customary to form a friendly and cohesive atmosphere at school, even among parents, a team of the Association of Parents and Teachers (PTA) has been created.

The education system relies on close cooperation of teachers, students and parents to create a harmonious development of the child, quickly solve emerging problems and difficulties, adapt to international requirements and implement their own projects. At the end of the school stage, students can take exams for obtaining a Spanish bachelor's certificate, an American baccalaureate and an international diploma. This gives you the opportunity to get access to the most prestigious universities in the UK, USA and Europe.

7.The British School Barcelona – 10450-14450 euro/year

One of the best British schools in the country, winner of various competitions, member of the Association of British Schools in Spain. There are 3 branches, one of which was built in 2018 and is equipped with the latest technology.

The school employs 160 teachers, including native speakers of the British language.

8.San Patricio – 7370-10800 euro/year

International School San Patricio Toledo is a private boarding school for boys and girls. Accommodation in the residence is available from the age of 15.

It is part of the prestigious San Patricio group of educational institutions, founded in 1958. San Patricio annually takes the first lines of the rating of the best schools in Spain, compiled by the authoritative publication ranking.

For the high level of equipment, the school has a Google Reference School certificate. The classrooms use Chromebooks, iPads, and digital whiteboards.

At the school, you can take international exams in English at Cambridge University and Trinity College London, as well as get a certificate of knowledge of the Spanish language from the Cervantes Institute.

9.British Council School– 6000-10000 euro/year

The British Council School, a private English school in Madrid, was founded in Spain in 1940. It is one of the oldest English schools in Madrid. During the Second World War, the school became the epicenter of British culture in the Spanish capital. In addition to the actual school education, numerous cultural events, seminars and film screenings were organized at the British Council Private School in Madrid. The school started its work with 25 students, but after three years about 1,500 children were studying here. Currently, there are 2,000 students studying at the British Council School, a private English school in Madrid. The school is rightfully considered one of the leaders of bilingual education in Spain.

The English private school British Council School in Madrid is a member of the well-known British organization British Council, which is engaged in the dissemination of English language and culture around the world.

10.Liceo Francés – 5970-6180 euro/year

A private school with a long history, in which 60% of the teachers are professional teachers from France. 36% of French students, 34% of Spaniards and students from other countries study at the school. The geography of students includes about 20 countries of the world.

The school is under the auspices of the French Agency for Education Abroad (AEFE). The education  program is compiled in strict accordance with the standards established by the French Ministry of Education. Spain and France have signed a bilateral agreement on the recognition of diplomas of the French Lyceum in Barcelona, whose graduates can continue their studies at the best universities in Spain and France.

11.Colegio Alemán de Barcelona – 4725-4830 euro/year

The German College in Barcelona "Colegio Alemán de Barcelona" is a prestigious private college opened in Spain in 1894 with the support of the Cultural Association "San Albert the Great". The main task of the school is to provide high-quality German education outside of Germany, whose government participates in the financing of the college, thereby emphasizing its importance. College graduates continue their studies at the best universities in Spain, Germany and other European countries.

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