10 most elite schools in Spain

10 most elite schools in Spain

Many parents from the first days of their child's life begin to think about which educational institution to choose for him, since it is difficult to overestimate the importance of a good education in our time. There is an abundance of proposals in the field of school education, a variety of methods, approaches and principles, each of which is certainly positioned as the "best" and "most advanced", not to mention a huge number of unfamiliar terms used by specialists in the field of education. the field of education is only a small part of what parents have to face when they decide to give their children a "good education".

The criteria are divided as follows:

  • The model of education.

  • Educational offer.

  • Material means.

10 most elite schools in Spain

1.San Patricio:

School types: omixed, private, religious, multilingual.

The first place was taken by the Madrid mixed private school San Patricio, which provides religious education. It has repeatedly confirmed its status as one of the best in Spain, becoming the owner of such prestigious quality marks as EFQM, Normas ISO and Madrid 1.Excelente.

In 2019, this school, located in the municipality of Alcobendas, became one of the few that presented the disciplines of Bachillerato Artístico (Bachillerato in the field of arts) in three directions: audiovisual, visual and performing arts. The San Patricio center has a self-service dining room, a music school and a winter garden, as well as education  in the Bachillerato Dual and Bachillerato Internacional systems.

The San Patricio School is multilingual. The main languages are English, German and French. Cambridge University accepts foreign language proficiency exams.


Type of school: mixed, parastatal, religious, multilingual.

Montserrat School is recognized as the best in Catalonia and one of the best in Spain. Over the past few years, the center has carried out a profound transformation of its educational strategy and methodology, focusing on early development and versatile learning, which has brought it great success and recognition, making it one of the most prestigious schools in the country.

It is a semi-public mixed school with a religious approach to teaching. Among its main advantages is the presence of a boarding school, as well as the opportunity to study in several languages, including Japanese and Chinese.


Type of school: mixed, private, secular, bilingual.

This school, located in the Asturian municipality of Pola de Siero, can guarantee that each of its graduates has passed the university entrance exams. And these are not empty words: the average score at school is 8.43.

Their  own model of improvement, which has received national recognition, as well as education  under the Bachillerato Internacional program, is a guarantee that after graduating from this school, a child will enter any university in the world without any problems.

Colegio Meres has a music school, a canteen with its own kitchen and gives students the opportunity to pass the Delf International exam in French and the Trinity College exam in English.


Type of school: private, secular, mixed.

Colegio Estudio with a 75-year history is located in Madrid. More than 90% of its graduates successfully pass the entrance exams to universities.

In the educational model of this school, much attention is paid to the development of creative abilities, intelligence, intuition and logic, as well as musical hearing. In addition, Colegio Estudio teaches its students to be independent, independent and responsible, taking into account the individual characteristics of each child.

The school has a conservatory, a music school and a sports club.


Type of school: mixed, secular, private.

Another one of the best schools in Spain, located in Catalonia. Montessori-Palau, whose name speaks for itself, is located in Girona and teaches children in accordance with the philosophy of the famous teacher Maria Montessori.

The school has EFQM and Normas ISO quality marks, and its students show excellent results in exams.

Montessori-Palau has its own swimming pool, a music school, a self-catering dining room and a sports club. In addition, children here have the opportunity to learn such complex languages as Chinese and Russian.

6.Manuel Peleteiro

Type of school: private, secular, mixed.

Manuel Peleteiro is the first Galician school included in the list of the best. It is located in the capital of the autonomous district - the city of Santiago de Compostela.

Students of this school, which has the EFQM quality mark, not only receive high scores in exams, but also regularly take prizes at scientific Olympiads and competitions.

The Manuel Peleteiro Center has its own winter garden, sports club and swimming pool. The education  is conducted on the basis of the Bachillerato Internacional (International Baccalaureate) program. Among other things, the school cooperates with the Confucius Institute, which allows its students to take the Chinese language exam at this international educational institution.

7.Nuestra Señora de las Maravillas

Type of school: private, religious, mixed.

Colegio Nuestra Señora de las Maravillas, located in Madrid, is part of the La Salle school network, whose educational model is based on the active use of modern methodologies and innovations.

The school is the owner of many awards and quality marks, such as Madrid Excelente, Medalla de Oro de la Comunidad Autónoma de Madrid, EFQM 500+. The BEDA certificate (Bilingual Development and Assessment of the English Language) confirms the high level of bilingual education provided by the school.

The Nuestra Señora de las Maravillas School has its own swimming pool, a winter garden, a sports club and a self-catering dining room. Students of the school take the English exam of the University of Cambridge, as well as the Delf international exam in French.


Type of school: parastatal, secular, mixed, multilingual.

Colegio Vizcaya, located in the municipality of Samudio, is the first school in the Basque Country to enter the top 10, and the second in the ranking after the Catalan Montessori-Palau, working according to the Montessori system.

The school pays great attention to the introduction of new information and education technologies into the educational process, foreign languages and sports development of students. In addition, Colegio Vizcaya regularly participates in various cultural and social events.

9.Agora Sant Cugat International School

Type of school: private, secular, mixed, multilingual.

Another Catalan educational center located in Barcelona, the International School Ágora Sant Cugat, has EFQM and Normas ISO quality marks.

Students of this school receive an excellent international level education, which allows them to score much higher on exams than the national average, as well as show excellent results in foreign languages such as Japanese, Korean and Finnish.

The school cooperates with the University of Cambridge, the Goethe Institute, the Confucius Institute, and this gives its students the opportunity to take exams for knowledge of the relevant languages in these institutions.


Type of school: parastatal, religious, mixed.

One of the features of the school is a transversal approach to teaching children and removing special attention to such skills as the development of empathy, the ability to work in a team, strategic thinking.

Colegio Lauaxeta has its own swimming pool, a self-catering dining room and a sports club. Students receive a certificate of English proficiency from the University of Cambridge.

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