10 best private schools in Spain. Ranking

10 best private schools in Spain. Ranking

All parents dream of giving their child only the best, and education is perhaps one of the most important aspects of parental care. If you want your child to receive a really high-quality comprehensive education that allows you to enroll in the best universities in the world, private schools in Spain will be an excellent choice.

The choice of private schools in Spain is quite wide: here you will find schools working on the Spanish, French, European, British and other education systems. At the same time, British schools in Spain are in the greatest demand, since they provide an opportunity to master not only Spanish, but also English. In addition, some private schools in Spain introduce classes such as mindfulness into their programs, which helps to improve the ability to concentrate attention and better assimilate the material.

Also, in private schools in Spain, much attention is paid to the development of personal qualities and creative abilities of each child, the development of the emotional side of the personality, empathy, tolerance. Children are prepared for life in a multicultural, cosmopolitan and multilingual world, they are taught teamwork skills, develop analytical thinking, etc.Sports and hobbies also play an important role.

In short, a private school in Spain is a guarantee that your child will receive a quality education that will be an excellent basis for adult life.

As for prices, the cost of one month of study at a private school in Spain starts from about 500 euros and reaches 4000 euros or more, depending on the school and the stage of education . In addition, you must make an initial payment. 

The Best Private Schools

1.Eurocolegio Privado Internacional Casvi

Eurocolegio Privado Internacional Casvi history

Eurocolegio Privado Internacional Casvi is a private and mixed center founded in 1985.

Despite the past years, the foundation on which it is built has remained the same. The belief that quality education is the axis of all transformations. The premise that has always forced Eurocolegio Privado Internacional Casvi to look for everything innovative and useful for the education of Their  students.

Educational tools

The latest educational tools are available from the very beginning. An example of this is the first computer class, which was created with 35 Commodore 64 computers when they were not yet in any school.

Eurocolegio Privado Internacional Casvi  facilities are also constantly changing. They started with one building, and now there are seven of them. To which additional facilities were added: a swimming pool, a sports center or computer science, art and music classes.

Teaching methods

There have also been many changes and extensions that Their  educational project has undergone to improve the holistic education of students. New teaching methods were included in the Organization of the International Baccalaureate; new languages (now there are three: English, German and Chinese); new subjects such as technology, programming and robotics; and new international experience, such as Their  language exchange program with different countries around the world.

International environment

Currently, children coming not only from different parts of Madrid, but also from Spain and other countries, want to study at Their  school, which has created an international environment for us, from which everyone will benefit.

And that is why, in order to guarantee a successful future for Casvi students, Their  goal has always been and will always be to adapt the education offered in Their  classes to the needs of the society in which They  are developing.

2.St. Peter's School Barcelona

St. Peter's School is an international school located in Barcelona. The school Education project focuses on three fundamental principles: factual, exponential science and factors influencing change. The student is at the center of his research and conceptual education. They become active students who take care of themselves, their community and the world in which They  live.

Their  school follows the International Baccalaureate system in secondary classes and the diploma program and is currently a candidate school for junior and primary classes.

As a school, oTheir ur main goal is to create a knowledge center that will lead education to a new paradigm, in which its participants understand that they have the opportunity to create a future in which both individuals and the community can achieve success, but which is also associated with risks and uncertainty, and yet they prefer to take an active part in making this happen.

3.International School San Patricio Toledo

International School San Patricio Toledo offers international education in the heart of Spain. Building on San Patricio's long tradition of providing excellence in teaching, Their  mission is to develop this by adding an international perspective, educating future generations for a globalized world.

Their  school develops the talents and skills of each student in a safe, caring, but stimulating environment, setting high expectations, offering powerful support, resulting in a lifelong community of students instilling confidence in their personal and professional trips that await them. .

They  actively encourage responsibility, participation and commitment, while honesty is valued, as a result of which people who feel valuable, happy and successful can contribute to a more just and balanced society.

The International School of San Patricio Toledo was recognized by Google for Education as a Google Reference School, becoming the first and only school in Castile-la Mancha to be awarded this award.

Their  day school and boarding school offers international education from 1 to 18 years for day students, and the boarding school is designed for students from 12 to 18 years, which allows the latter to live and study on the same campus. The International School of San Patricio Toledo offers extensive opportunities with maximum comfort, the latest educational technologies, a variety of sports grounds and complete security. Spain is beginning to gain prestige along with countries such as the United Kingdom or Switzerland, among families who decide to send their children to study abroad. San Patricio is also chosen by families who are looking for an environment in which their children can receive an outstanding education and experience that will help them develop faster as people and professionals.

4. Mirabal International School

The school perceives the student as a person who has his own personality, recognizing the equal dignity of all. Based on this, the student participates in the educational process as an active subject, and not as a simple recipient of information.

It recognizes the right of everyone to respect and, consequently, the obligation of all to accept, promote and respect the rights of others. He understands respect in a mutual sense, without age privileges or social status that distinguish him.

The school takes into account the various affective, social and intellectual needs of the student, typical for his stage of development, paying attention to them in accordance with their class and maturity.

Excellence in education is Their  individuality. Mirabal was founded in 1982 as part of an avant-garde educational project characterized by the offer of individual education , which allows students to develop comprehensively in accordance with their uniqueness.

From the very beginning, the developed educational intervention adapted to the new challenges created by society, preparing students for their successful solution. This private secular educational institution accepts students from one year of study to university and offers bilingual education.

5.Benjamin Franklin International School (BFIS)

BFIS offers a differentiated American program of study from kindergarten to Grade 10 and an International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma program for grades 11 and 12. They  are really an international school in Barcelona, about a third of which is divided into American, foreign and Spanish families. Their  diverse and interested group of students, teachers and parents currently includes more than 50 nationalities and cultural traditions. this is the heart and soul of Their  school.

Their  staff also come from different countries and bring different knowledge and experience to the classroom, helping Their  students to appreciate and understand differences, as well as develop an open-minded view of things to create a more tolerant and respectful society. At BFIS, They  perceive Their  diversity as a source of pride and strength and consider it an important element of Their  identity.

education  at BFIS is entirely in English, language courses are offered in Spanish, Catalan and French. Their  graduates receive offers of admission from some of the most important colleges and universities around the world.

6. King's College, The British School of Alicante

King's College is a British school located on the outskirts of Alicante, with easy access to the city by road and public transport. It is modern, specially built with modern facilities designed for children aged 2 to 18 years (from preschool to 13 years), and accommodates more than 1,100 students.

This is a truly unique and expanded educational institution that offers a rich curriculum and a wide comprehensive education. You will be impressed by Their  warm and purposeful atmosphere. In addition to Their  attention to the intellectual achievements of each student, They  strive to increase their interest in the entire school experience. Employees freely devote their time, and They  offer a comprehensive program of classes, sports, music and drama, as well as numerous opportunities for education , travel and visits. First of all, and just as much as any parent, They  want Their  children to thrive and be happy throughout the time spent with us. Their  motto 'Excellence in everything we Do' resonates throughout  campus and raises the high standards of all  British and international community.

7. Sotogrande International School

Sotogrande International School is a boarding school and boarding school for representatives of more than 50 nationalities, offering a primary education program (3-11 years), a secondary education program (12-16 years) and an IB diploma (16-18 years). , as well as excellent language and educational support.

Through  personalized approach to learning,  students are encouraged to open their hearts and minds to the joy of learning, discover their strengths, identify their hobbies, and develop outstanding learning skills. As a result, They  achieve excellent results, gaining an average of 36 points on the Diploma.

Sotogrande International School pays great attention to technologies that promote learning, and is proud to be named the Apple School of Outstanding Achievements. The Apple Distinguished School Award is intended for schools that meet the criteria of innovation, leadership and educational excellence and demonstrate a clear vision of an exemplary learning environment. They  strive to prepare students for effective participation and success in the 21st century by integrating technology and learning, providing all children with access to laptops, iPads and desktop computers, and providing students with access to online learning resources both at home and at school.

8. European International School of Barcelona

The school is located just 15 km from the center of Barcelona and is surrounded by the 8,465 ha Collserola Natural Park, on a 14,000 m2 plot of land with 10,503 m2 of buildings for classrooms, laboratories, canteens, classrooms, a kitchen and a large sports hall. a center with two indoor swimming pools.

Their  project, which involves 1,500 students of more than 50 different nationalities, under the guidance of a stable academic team, begins in kindergarten and ends in the second year of the bachelor's degree. At this stage, students can choose a national bachillerato, an American high school diploma or an international A-level.

9. King's College, The British School of Madrid (Soto de Viñuelas)

King's College, the British School of Madrid is a British school located in the Soto de Vignuelas district in Tres Cantos, Madrid. It offers facilities specially built for children from 20 months to 18 years (from preschool to 13 grades), and accommodates more than 1,600 students.

It is located on an attractive 12-acre plot in a rural area between the city and the Guadarrama Mountains, but has good transport links to the city center by bus and train. Since 1969, the Royal College in Madrid has been providing children and adolescents with a serious and broad British education. King's College students continue their studies at some of the most prestigious universities in Europe and North America. British education gives  graduates the best opportunities for a challenging and interesting career around the world. They  believe that the fundamental values they learn at King's College will also help them live a happy and fulfilling family life.

10. The Lady Elizabeth School

Lady Elizabeth School is an international primary and secondary school located on Cumbre del Sol, Benitachell, for students from 1 to 18 years old. Their  history begins in 1987, and today They  are a fully consolidated school with more than 30 years of experience. They  provide  students with a team of 200 people and fantastic learning opportunities.

The ultimate goal is to provide all students with the necessary preparation for admission to the best Spanish and international universities. To do this, They  follow the British curriculum, which is supplemented with the necessary additional education  in each cycle: homologation according to the Spanish system (middle cycle) and passing university entrance exams (bachelor's degree).

They  call Their  learning method "Amazing Learning". They  help each student to exceed their expectations and marvel at their own achievements. Whether it's academic leadership, participation in extracurricular activities, or the curriculum, They  focus on recognizing, empowering, and displaying the individual abilities and talents of each student.

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