10 best boarding schools in Spain

10 best boarding schools in Spain

The best boarding schools and boarding schools in Spain are the best educational institutions in Europe with an impeccable reputation. Today, the most prestigious educational institutions for schoolchildren and students have settled in Europe, where the main trendsetters of fashionable educational trends are the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Spain.

Thousands of students from all over the world come to these countries to enroll in the world's leading universities. The university's programs meet the highest requirements, take into account the requests of employers, reflect the latest trends in professional fields and are focused on the development of practical skills. Leading universities in Spain, Great Britain, Switzerland, as well as private schools occupy the first places in the world and occupy the highest positions in the ranking - even high tuition prices and crazy competition are not able to bring down the wave of students coming to Europe. get the best, elite education.

But among these countries, Spain compares favorably with the prices for education . Hundreds of public and private educational institutions of the highest quality are open in the country at relatively affordable prices. At the same time, all the principles of elite education are implemented - comfortable study conditions, serious academic education , wide opportunities for active recreation. The process of studying in Spanish schools will help you learn two or more foreign languages, and students learn English and Spanish at the level of native speakers in general, thanks to constant language practice and the professionalism of teachers. Certificates and diplomas obtained at universities and schools in Spain are very prestigious and are quoted in almost all countries of the world, and the Spanish climate and hospitable population will make your stay in the country bright and memorable for every foreign student.

Regardless of the chosen program, students will have a great time in this sunny and hospitable country and will achieve impressive results in their studies due to its undeniable advantages:

The best schools

Studying in Spain is a prestigious education in the best educational institutions in Europe. Students are recognized as one of the most effective educational institutions in the world and receive certificates that are highly valued and give significant advantages when entering domestic or foreign universities.

Price-quality ratio

Although the cost of studying in the country is quite high, They  must not forget that this is a top country, one of the top five in the world for studying abroad. The prices here are quite affordable for a country of this scale, especially when compared with elite education  in England, Switzerland and the USA.

Excellent conditions

This country attracts creative and purposeful people, students and schoolchildren feel great in a cosmopolitan society. The educational process in Spain takes place in a fairly relaxed form: no one is forced to study here, and friendly communication is established between students and teachers.


History, culture and nature will make studying abroad unforgettable. Thanks to the rich programs of extracurricular activities, students will be able to make the most of their leisure and education, enjoy local attractions, chic beaches and gastronomic delicacies.

Tuition fees

The cost of living and related expenses are significantly lower here than in other European countries, which attracts many foreigners (in addition, students will be able to visit museums and cafes at a discount).

TOP 10 boarding schools:

1. Eurocolegio Privado Internacional Casvi

Eurocolegio Casvi, an international private mixed school, was founded in 1985 by D. Juan Yagüe Sevigliano, who, after 24 years of teaching, made his dream come true with the opening of Eurocolegio Casvi. The school has from the very beginning a clearly defined mission and philosophy based on the belief that education is the basis for transformation leading to an improved quality of life.

Mission: To teach students the importance of knowledge and values.

Vision: To be recognized as a school that offers innovative and high quality international education, where each student achieves the highest level of excellence in their academic life.


  • To enable all students to reveal their strengths and make the most of their talents.

  • Create respect for individuality and differences.

  • Generate the importance of teamwork, perseverance, honesty, self-confidence, enthusiasm, ethical behavior, sincerity and honesty.

2. Mas Camarena International Schools

Mas Camarena is a multilingual private school teaching Spanish language program that ranges from the first cycle of elementary school to the undergraduate and vocational courses. Their  main goal is quality education for life. They  understand education as an environment of work and respect, where effort and perseverance are the values ​​on which the educational project is based. Their  excellent performance confirms these values ​​year after year and motivates us to continue on an international educational path, striving for innovation and high values.

They  are the IB World School, which includes the Primary School Program, the Middle Years Program and the International bachillerato Diploma. They  also offer an American High School Online Program and Curriculum Adaptation. Their  school is the Official Center for Elementary and Advanced Music, facilitating these classes for students from their own center. Mas Camarena premises are excellent for developing teaching and sports practice and creating ideal conditions for learning. Among them They  have a large sports center, language center, cafeterias and a school uniform and school supplies store. The school has recently opened a new “Mas Camarena Student Resort and Sports Center” with an area of ​​more than 60,000 m2, which houses a residence, a sports center and a large recreation area ... The student residence is located in a separate building and offers a quiet and familiar environment with 24/7 supervision. Targeted at both national and international students, They  offer a variety of accommodation options from semester to academic years, youth exchange programs, sports stages or summer immersion programs.

3. International School San Patricio Toledo

The International School of Saint Patricio Otoledo provides international education in the center of Spain. Building on San Patricio's long tradition of delivering excellence, Their  mission is to broaden an international perspective on this basis and educate future generations in a globalized world.

Their  school develops the talents and skills of each student in a safe, caring and motivating environment with high expectations and strong support, thereby building a lifelong community of learners that builds confidence in the personal and professional journey that awaits them.

They  actively promote accountability, participation and purpose, while valuing honesty so that people feel valued, happy and successful and can contribute to a more just and balanced society.

The International School of Saint Patricio Otoledo has been recognized by Google for Education as a Google Reference School, becoming the first and only school in Castile la Mancha to receive this award.

Present day schools and boarding schools provide international education for day students aged 1-18, while boarding school apartments are designed for students aged 12-18, allowing the latter to live and study on the same campus. Patricio Otoledo provides the most comfortable and wide range of amenities, the latest educational technology, a variety of sports fields and comprehensive security and safety. Among families choosing to send their children to study abroad, Spain has begun to gain popularity thanks to destinations such as the United Kingdom or Switzerland. San Patricio ( San Patricio) are also chosen by families looking for an environment where their children can get an excellent education and experience, helping them to develop faster as individuals and professionals.

4. King's College, The British School of Madrid (Soto de Viñuelas)

King's College Madrid British School is a British school located in the community of Soto de Vinuelas in Tres Cantos, Madrid. It offers purpose-built facilities for children aged 20 months to 18 years (kindergarten through grade 13) and accommodates over 1,600 students.

Located in the countryside between the city and the mountains of Guadalam, it covers an area of ​​12 acres and covers an area of ​​12 acres, but is connected to the city center by bus and rail. Since 1969, the Royal College of Madrid has provided a rigorous and extensive British education to children and youth. King's College students continue to study at some of the most prestigious universities in Europe and North America. UK education provides graduates with the best opportunities to pursue challenging and exciting careers around the world. They e believe that the core values ​​they learn at King's College will also help them lead a happy and fulfilling family life.

5.The Lady Elizabeth School

Founded in 1987, Ms Elizabeth's School is committed to providing the highest standards of a rich, learning-centered education, enabling  students to thrive and fail in a safe and supportive environment.

The school provides the backbone of the UK curriculum, with senior students taking GCSE and A-Level exams in various disciplines. Students also have the opportunity to pursue higher education in Spain and obtain a bachelor's degree, which allows LES graduates to enter higher education institutions in Spain and around the world. ... LES students continue to study in several different countries and the school is building strong relationships with an increasing number of alumni.

Their  staff, students and parents have common basic expectations for a positive learning attitude. They  educate students and encourage them to develop a “growth mindset” to become resilient and resilient in the face of challenges.

Happy, respectful, internationally minded students, faculty, staff and parents are at the core of community. They  support  students and faculty to keep getting better and better. They  do it as a team, without exception.

Their  vision is to nurture lifelong learners who can thrive in a world full of change and opportunity.

6. European International School of Barcelona

The European International School of Barcelona has been a member of ECIS since 1997, an organization that brings together international schools specializing in the use of multiple languages, with a common goal of changing the lives of students through international education.

They  are an independent school that uses international, modern and practical methods to develop the abilities and talents of students and support them in achieving high results in the field of humanistic and academic development.

Their  program enrolls 1,500 students from over 50 different nationalities and is led by a stable academic team from kindergarten to sophomore Bachelor's degree. Students can choose to pursue a National Bachelor's Degree, American High School Diploma, or International A Level Diploma at this stage.

The school is located just 15 km from the center of Barcelona, ​​surrounded by the Collserola Natural Park with an area of ​​8,465 hectares, an area of ​​14,000 square meters, with 10,503 square meters of educational buildings, laboratories, restaurants, classrooms, kitchens and large sports grounds with two indoor pools in the center ...

7. Montessori British

Montessori is a day school and boarding school in Murcia, according to the British National Curriculum and Montessori Method, They  offer internationally recognized qualifications-IGCSE and A-levels that can be prepared in an intensive living environment.

Combining best online practices with residency,  hybrid courses are ideal for traveling families, high-profile students looking for a personal touch, sports and arts students, and separated or divorced parents living in different cities or countries, allowing them to live with their families and their respective parents at any time chosen.

Their  methodology is focused on children and Their  goal is to provide students with the tools and skills for self-reliance, self-study, creativity and global thinking. They  hope to guide students until they achieve their personal goals: go to university, start their own professional or artistic a career or start their own business.

There are 3 hours of online courses per day (in units of no more than 45 minutes) taught by well-trained Montessori English teachers and associate professors.

The 12-week course plan directs students' interest and curiosity to learn not only in accordance with stage standards, but also to expand their newly acquired abilities and knowledge.

Students expand their interests through targeted exchanges with teachers and peers in different age groups with different abilities to develop their own meaningful projects (online and offline).

8.Sotogrande International School

Sotogrande International School is an international bachelor's day and boarding school with over 50 countries offering primary school courses (3-11), high school courses (12-16) and IB diplomas (16-18), as well as an excellent language and educational support.

Through  personalized teaching method, They  encourage students to open their hearts and enjoy learning, discover their strengths, identify their enthusiasm and develop great learning skills, so They  have excellent results with a diploma grade point average of 36.

SIS attaches great importance to technology that supports learning and is proud to be named Apple's Outstanding School. The Apple Outstanding School award is for schools that meet standards of innovation, leadership, and excellence in education and demonstrate a clear vision of an exemplary learning environment. Their  goal is to integrate technology and learning so all children can enjoy laptops, iPads, and desktops. and provide students with access to online learning resources at home and at school to prepare students for effective participation and success in the 21st century.

The Elite Sports Program provides a structured approach for student athletes. Sotogrande International School has partnered with the Sports Academy to provide a solution that balances the high academic and athletic needs of young and talented sports talent in the fields of golf, tennis, polo, swimming and basketball.

9. Colegio Episcopal Sagrada Familia de Sigüenza

The Colegio Episcopal Sagrada Familia de Sigüenza, belonging to the Diocesan Educational Foundation of San Marciano José, is a Catholic boarding school located in the municipality of Sigüenza, offering education from elementary to secondary vocational education. This place is located 120 km from Madrid, at an altitude of 1000 m above sea level.

There are two separate residences for girls and boys on the school grounds.

10. Montfort British School

Montfort British School is one of the best bilingual private schools in Madrid, providing boarding services and teaching children according to the British curriculum.

For the remaining levels of education, a basic curriculum of Spanish schools is provided with in-depth study of some disciplines.

Montfort British School is one of the pioneers of bilingual education with over 50 years of experience. In addition to Spanish and English, children learn French as a third language and optional German and Chinese.

Colegio Montfort offers two hotel residences for boys and girls, where children from 7 years old are accepted. Students have at their disposal a playroom, reading room, music room, Internet access points, a video room, a cinema, a swimming pool, sports grounds, tennis courts, gyms, etc.

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